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Footsteps From Bali [Step 2]

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Okay okay. I totally understand.
You must be like "What the hell? I thought you are not walking on this earth anymore!"
Haha. I was kidnapped by my laziness. Here's the apologize to you all.
Well, it'd been 2 months already and I'm still talking abut the same topic?! Hell yea.

Here we go, STEP 2!
Theme : I'm lucky enough! (:

Along my trip in Bali, the place where everyone is struggling hardly for life, the journey really makes me feel lucky enough with my life.

Women go to some tourists-must-be-there-place and wait for their business.
They were crazy! Pulling tourists' hands and keep on introducing the clothes or sculpture they sell although we just keep on waving our hands and shaking our heads. [Means NO, I'M NOT INTERESTED! -,-]
What are they struggling for?! For life. They just seeking a simple life. Without worrying about lacking of money and food.We, Malaysians, should be thankful enough for our stable economy and peace no war! (:

There she is! The girl in pink. She made me feel touched. As usual, I went into a shop[stall maybe] and looked around. Aik? No one there? After a few seconds, the girls[her sisters maybe] came out from the counter. [Nope, they are not hiding, just because their small size and the 'bigger-sized-than-the-girls' counter bar. (:] Through the photo she might be around 4 years old. But she is the one who keep on selling the things to me. She's not the eldest but she's the one who make me feel like 'shame on you YY!' and proud of her!

I never work before. I sleep damn late at night and wake up until I feel that's enough. I murmured when Mummy asked me to do household chores. I feel lazy to walk out from my room and try to help out or entertain Mummy and Daddy. She is too young to take care of the shop[or stall whatsoever]. She is trying her Mummy or family while her Mummy might be like those women who selling clothes like them in the photos.

When I asked them to take pictures, you can't understand how I feel when I saw them smiling super duper damn happily at me. (:

P/S: Well, I didn't buy anything from them at last. lol. -,-

The last picture will be the add-on for this post. The girl [in Bali's formal school uniform] is checking her sister's homework. How sweet. (:

Okay. That's all for this.
Remember. Always be thankful to Big Man and keep on feeling you're lucky enough in your life.
I should learn to be satisfied easily and I'll be happier then. (: