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Buzzer Beat ♥

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A late, and quiet night.
No messages night. (:
I turned on the tv and let it play.
I sat down and play Jewel Star [my favourite game!] on the floor.
Well. Turning on the tv was just an act to make some noise around me.
Not to feel alone.

As I was just paying attention to the game. The tv was totally neglected.
Then. A japan drama made me pause the game.
It's the first episode of Buzzer Beat.
Well. I don't know what's wrong with me.
I downloaded the whole drama on the spot. LOL
[Typical japan drama. Just 11 episodes for whole drama. I loike.]

 ♥ Ngee. Mood : Fat Hao+ING. [Means gedik] Naoki Naoki Naoki! ♥

 ♥ Riko playing violin ♥

♥ Naoki ♥

♥ Riko ♥

Ok. The first thing I wanna confess here is.... Yamashita [as Naoki in the drama] is damn cute!
Haha. Well. I can't write you the most detail synopsis here. So I just wanna do a simple review here. (:

The story is about dreams and love.
Naoki is a professional basketball player who has a big big dream.
His girlfriend, Natsuki, is a successful OL [same company with Naoki] who is not satisfied with her boyfriend and always think that he was just daydreaming. She thinks Naoki is not mature enough for her and their relationship ends up with her cheating. [Having sex with another player in the team. LOL]
Well, then Naoki meets Riko.
She's cute. :) She is a violinist who dream big, just like Naoki.
Well, like typical drama, the most annoying character, the EX GIRLFRIEND will keep on disturbing the relationship between the hero and heroin.

Hmm. Sensitive me. I cried a lot watching this drama.
This drama is too suitable for those love birds who are miles apart.
Specially dedicated for you guys.
We can just learn.
Although your partner is miles apart with you.
As long as you know he/she is with you. You'll be stronger.
Because you are always his/her biggest fans, and so do she/he.
I know I'll find someone that can give me that kind of strength one day. ♥
Famous quote in this drama.
"Love makes me strong"

They both dream big.
That's life. People around us always think that we are just daydreaming, and not mature enough.
I feel so impressed when Naoki decided to let Riko go to chase her dream as a violinist although they have to be apart.
Hmm. I'd been in long-distance-relationship. Ooops. :P
That's not too easy to adapt yourself to being apart with your loved one.
I know this very well. :) Hahha.
But. Thinking out of the box.
If my boyfriend ask me to give up my dream just to stay with him, I rather give up on him. -,-
Jerk. Hahahahhaa :D

Ok. Put those love thingy aside. (:
The most important part or element the I favourited is the spirit.
The Buzzer Beat spirit.
So encouraging. Pfft.
Btw, I don't know what's wrong with their pronunciation.
Because of Japanese maybe? Their pronounced it as [buzaa: bitze]
I know you are following the words to try to pronounce like them! Hahaha! Got you! :D

According to Mr. Wiki.
In basketball, buzzer beater is a shot taken just before the game clock of a period expires, when the buzzer sounds. The term is normally reserved for baskets that win or tie the game. If a player releases the ball, "beating" the buzzer, so that it sounds while the ball is in mid-air, the shot still counts if it goes in.

Impressed? That's the spirit.
Still don't get the spirit?
As Naoki repeated many times in the drama, it's the never-give-up spirit.
He told Riko not to give up on her violinist big dream.
Just like the buzzer beat. Never give up until the last second of the game.
Nice one.
Just like my favourite quote,
"Why can't I?"

If I can rate this drama, I'll give it full marks.
Go and watch it if you are like me.
Waiting for colleges/universities.
Having semester break mood.
It's just 11 episodes. I just download and watch them all in one day. Haha. Crazy me.
It will give you more than tears.
It'll not only touch your heart, but touch your mind. (: Peace.

GPS = Guna Pun Sesat?

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A very good morning to the honourable judges, teachers, and my fellow friends.
Today, I'm going to talk about, "GPS".

LOL. Today. I'm updating Sensy, because I wanna update it. XD

After finishing those nonsenseS above.
I'm going to update a short post here. :P
Everyone knows the GPS, I guess.
For those who really dunno, don't be hesitate to ask Mr. Google.
He's my friend, if he don't wanna give you any answers, just say out my name, he'll take care of you then. XD

Then, I was too curious to know that is the stupid apps(GPS) in my phone can really works well without costing me a cent this afternoon.
I heard people talking about GPS cost them a lot these years. LOL.
FOC just makes me feel a little bit unbelievable. :)
YH 'jio' (I dunno what language is that, means banana. LOL) me out today.
On the way back home. [She fetched me home!]
We had fun with the GPS.

Both of us suddenly became super excited. I dunno why.

When the GPS show us the correct way.

YY : Weh, you try to take the wrong route. See 'she' got change the route for us or not.
[Well, using 'she', is just because a woman is talking what, LOL]

YH : No problem.

YY : Weh. Got change route for us ler!
[Errr. Every GPS does that, don't they? LOL]

Then, we kept on taking the wrong routes. Hahaha :D
I have no idea where did the excitements come from.

I know this is lame to share here. But that was my first time, using GPS. Haha.

We thought about this just now,
"How if the 'she' inside the GPS scold us because we turned left when she said turn right?!"

 Hahahaha :D

Random~ Weee~ XD

Respond to LISTEN GOOD to this one

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Hey, I just realized that we can just give out our responds to other blog posts, just like in YouTube, making respond videos. Hahha. Interesting.

I read this post this morning. LISTEN GOOD to this one.
By my sweet sweet friend, Ireeny.

My favourite sentence in this post.
People change, that's the truth, and the truth hurts. :')
IREENY, That's so true!!!

People might tell you,
"Hey, you seems changed a lot since you left the school huh?"
"Oh, dh ade member baru, sombong ek skang?"
"Dear, why are you so different now?"
"Oh, you got a girlfriend?! So, you forget your buddies ady?!"

Hey guys. They are just growing up!
For me. Change of inside or outside is a must.
You won't like to see an old man wearing an "Angry-Bird" T-shirt? That's funny. :D
Changes are for adapting ourselves in new environments, new life.
When we meet up new people in new places, their personalities might be different with your old friends.
So. Do you need to change?
YES. Different personalities prefer different personalities and get annoyed with different personalities.
I'm not asking you to act and not to be yourself.
It's all about adapting yourself.
They are growing up. We are growing up.

Ok. Talk about partners changing in a relationship.
Why changes are necessary?
A relationship is not about 1+1 equals to 2.
It's 0.5+0.5 equals to 1.
No one is perfect.
But we have to try to be the best for our partners, to be one!
Your girlfriend don't like when you are talking like fish?
CHANGE! Try to talk like a horse. -,-
Your boyfriend don't like you to wear singlets?
CHANGE! Try to wear sweaters from Universal Travellers.
We always want them to be happy with ourselves.
But. Here's a reminder.
Sometimes. Demanding is just sucks.
You will get your partner suffering in demands and orders.
This is so wrong. Bear in mind. Just try to accept the way they are.
You'll find love in hopeless places. *music on* LOL

And how about your friend's changes after he/she is in a relationship?
Hello dude. If it is you in such situation. How hard will you make it perfect with friends and partner?
You can't hold your friend's face, telling him/her
"Don't change don't change don't change!" *slapping left and right and left and right* LOL
People come and go.
As Ireeny said, you will never have a say in it until you have experienced it yourself and in the end...
And sometimes you just never realize about that.

Last words. Accept them just the way they are.
Friendship never dies. Love is a dessert for life.
YY speaks out here. :)

I'm back?

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Wow. Long long time ady I didn't update Sensy.
She must be all alone huh these time?
Checked back posts views. Still. The "Sonia's Engaged" is on the top. -,-
That's not my intention to catch audience k.

Anyway. Few things to tell in this entry. Actually, just two. :P
Feeling good to come back here to share things with Sensy. :)

It'd been one month I disappeared?
I'm in love!!!
OMG! Such announcement made here drive people crazy?
I'm in love with this!


It tastes sweet at first, then sour-sour-ssssouurrrr. :P
I'm lovin' it.
I told Mummy to bring them when I'm in college. Hehe.
I gotta miss them when I leave here for dreams. :')

Guess what. I was standing at a crossroad. Choosing my way.
Very confusing, challenging, brain twisting, and emotion.
Tears streaming down at least twice in three days?
Huh. I don't know what the hell is going on.
Since when I become so weak inside me. :/
Finally, with Jay's encourage [just last night], I decided to stand up and go on.
I'm a puppet standing on the stage.
Everyone is staring at me, waiting me to fall down.
And I know there will be a group of people named FnF, waiting the moment I turn bright.
Friends and Family. :)

So what I have to do... is just DO IT right?
Hmm. YY. Stop your negative thinking. Why can't I?
YY is on the go! Wee~