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Her name? Chuok Ying. =)

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We love us! =D

Am going to write about a girl.
A classmate of mine in Sem1. A friend of mine in Sem2. A sister of mine in Sem3. *Cheers*
It's her birthday today. 16th of December. Celebrated at 9th October. (Isn't this insane? LOL)

The insanely-early celebration! =D Happy Birthday to all of them!

Chuok, wishing you in fb was too mainstream, thought that I would do something different for you here. =)
Tadaaa. I know you're in Australia now enjoying life, but, haizz, you know laa, people like me are going to stay at home until I-don't-know-when. *envy tone* Alright, wishes are already written in your album, you go and revise laa XD Mian de wishes also on your wall since I-don't-know-when-also, you go and revise laa. XD *lazi-ness overflow* Btw, was really happy when you got the Oxford Interview! =D

Alright, this girl, her name? Chuok Ying. =)

1. Super optimistic
Never met a person like her. When you're down, she can try any ways to help you and cheer you up, anything will still works okay except when she was trying to act cute. -,- And the most important thing is, she's always that positive! People say that if we wanna give the others some positive energy, you need to spare a lot! And she definitely has it! Because the way she looks at a situation or a problem, she's way too positive than others. Example? Errr. You're gonna figure it out yourself! =D No matter I feel down or kinda stressed out, she's always there. [Depends on me wanna find her or not laa, HAHAHAHHA]
Heard a lot about her unique tap-tap, although I don't know what's wrong with the tapping and how it really works, the way it sounds is kinda cute, hehe. *tap-tap* [Does it mean something like all-iz-wel? LOL] Read her text which ends with tap-tao before, hehe, that's cute. =P

2. Makan punya kaki
Did you ever feel like wanna eat something badly and wish you can find someone as company. Chuok Ying is the answer. I think we did share our common interest. EAT GOOD FOOD! The only difference is... she loves to eat almost everything. -,- So, whenever you said, sushi? She'll say YES! KFC? She'll say YES! Ramen? She'll say YES! Laksa? She'll say YES! Chatime? She'll say YES! Oh God. -,- But, steamboat [especially self-cook one] is always our favourite! Huahuahua. I do admit that she gained weight in Sem 3, most possibly because of me, keep on jio-ing her to makan this and that. O,o Alright, we lose weight together now kay? I didn't even like your 'I'm a round ball' hacked-status you know! =P

Steamboat! Cropped out from somewhere else, who asked you keep all our steamboat photos! >,<

3. Common interest?
I just have to say, we are kinda common to certain extent.
Firstly, we always love the same thing. [You don't say you love my Mian!] Songs. Movies. Food.
Still remember that we cried together when the A-Levels program came to the very end. [At Rock Cafe?]
Because of one of the songs from Tiny Time, she cried and get very emotional like me. LOL
Almost had the same views as hers in some conflicts which bring more and more talks and discussions to us in my room. Huahuahua. We can even abandoned books in the midst of preparation of exam and go for a movie or some food in Pyramid/spend the night with movie-thon in my room. LOL
And then, our lifestyle. Can't believe that I will meet someone from an environment like me. Not the family background but the mums. Haha. Enzymes with weird smell are used to wash things at home, activities that they joined in Tzuchi, mums that obsessed with yoga, a lot of things that can be recycled are collected at home and so on. Ohh mannn. We just realized that when we were complaining about the same thing! I don't really talk about these with my friends but her! =D Funnehhh.
Just one thing I can't tolerate. -,- CHUOK YING CAN YOU KEEP YOU ROOM NEAT AND CLEAN OMGOMGOMG! Hahahaha. Well, not to forget to say, I'm a neat freak in their eyes.

4. She's gifted!
Why do I say so? Because she's super lazy to do revisions and homework but still a genius! As I mentioned earlier, she got and interview from Oxford Babe! =D *proudproudproud* I still remember how 'guilty' we were for not doing Ms Esther's homework and pastyears, but still didn't put any effort in. =P Hahaha. [But of course, we pushed to our limits already before exams.] She always get good marks in exams or test, no matter what subject it is, HIGH MARKS INDEED! Although sometimes my marks were just too embarrassing to put beside yours, but I'm truly proud of you all the time! Mian said you understand thing very well in short time, hmm, this might be your secret weapon I guess. You don't need much revision like others as you grabbed the theory as basics. You're the best Chuok! Keep it up! Hope to visit Oxford to meet you in future! =D Keep in faith!

Can't think of anymore to describe her. If wanna know her more, you can ask me for her phone number in private. Nyehehehe.
Chuok, you always say that you envy my love story, you'll find yours one day! Everyone's favourite love story is always their own. Believe me! =D If comes to the worst case, no one wanna love you, come, me and Mian love you. HAHAHA.
Even though we only get closer in Semester 3, but isn't that enough for us to remember? =)
Thank you for always that straight and honest to point out my mistakes and flaws.
Tearing whenever I read those long long messages of yours. =D Thank you for coloring my A-levels life, and hope to get more colors from you in my following life! [Won't you want mine too *winkwink*]
Keep in touch alright! Don't think that you don't have to contact us after you went to Australia or something! Even you get into Oxford, don't forget us laa! We all [Mao and others] will sad die. =/

Lots of love,
Yin Yin =)

Review for the lovely one and a half year ♥ Part B

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Hollaaaaa! =D Continued my previous post with photos of me without BRACES!

13. Another random highlight (14th January 2013)
"Alright, here, I give you my hand, this is Malaysia, *pointing to the hand*, please take out Selangor from here and put it here. *I act like taking something out and put into another hand* Then, take out Sunway College. *repeated the same action* And then, take out Chic'Stop Roasted House and put it here. *AGAIN*"
And then ChuokYing shake her hand (which holding the Chic'Stop Roasted House) just beside her fat face, smiling like nobody's business.
Surprisingly, others at the same table shake their body as she shake her hands, telling me that she's shaking the restaurant. =D What a joke.
Haha, another highlight of THIS highlight is, we tried video-calling each other at the same table! XD
Ah, I'm missing these three flowers already!

14. Chinese New Year
Ah, lots to talk about. Besides the usual itinerary with families, let's go to something unusual! =)

Chinese New Year Celebration organized by CCS!
Compared to last time (Mooncake Festival Celebration)
=) A much-more-positive attendane
=) More involvement in organising the event
=) More fun more fun!
Oh dear, it's tiring but truly had fun! You won't have experienced it for the second time.
Who knows there's a unique, unusual, and the only-one-ever itinerary for the event!
The extra pocket-money-earning 'AngPao' Hunt, the very special Calligraphy Session for everyone who never had a chance to approach this Chinese culture or for those who abandoned Chinese Brush for a long time! And then, the very different but fun lucky draw, and last but not least, the crazy game - Rocky.
No more words, PICCTAA!


Deciding who are the winners...

Karine was so surprised that she got a prize for the calligraphy session =D

As I said, the crazy 'Rocky' game. Me and SiewXuen indeed. Demonstrating XD

Committee of the Event! =D

Of course, we had our own celebration for the successful event at Pasta Zanmai! XD

SiewXuen invited the CCS members to her house for a Barbeque for  CNY Celebration too!

15. A Day for Charity (2nd March 2013)
During primary school time, isn't it familiar to write an essay about a day in orphanage, or something like a day in old folks home, bla bla bla.
Shit just got real.
For the sake of Moral Studies, I went to an orphanage for REAL! =D
I thought it would be boring at first, but it turned out to be so fun fooling and playing around with those kids!
Another 'first time' event in my life. So, yea, a highlight! =)

With the kids! =D

16. My Baby Day! (3rd March 2013)
It's a little bit different this year. Daphne(one of my housemates)'s birthday is on 5th March, so generally I celebrated my birthday with hers one shot. HAHA. We are kinda connected you know. Thanks to everyone who celebrated with me. =) Especially for the CCS family members. SiewXuen! I still remember how you'd tricked me that day! -,-
No more words, PICTURES!

CCS punya celebration. YY with her 大大杯~ HeeHee.

This one, the big one, with all my housemates and classmates!

With my dearssss!

Celebration from Simon. =) TQ!

 17. Hot Air Balloon Fiesta! (30th March 2013)
Went to Putrajaya to attend the Hot Air Balloon Festival! Yeay! =D Another 'first time' for me. That was the first time for my family to meet Mian and SiewXuen too! =) Had a great time, but hungry till the maxxx. Had a very late dinner at KFC Kota Kemuning, Ahak!

18. SuperBro's Biggie Day (11th April 2013)
After 5 years of hard work, he and friends got a title of 'Dr' infront of their name finally. During the Oath Taking Ceremony, I cried with the tears of joy (Mummy did I guess), feeling proud of him, as my only brother in my family. Long way to go, Dr Tan Yin Chung! =)

19. Second Housemate Outing
It's considered as a highlight, because it's kind of... RARE, you know? *winkwink* =D

Photo edited by Josephine

20. Birthday Celebration for them
Due to AS exam, I had no choice but to celebrate both of their (Jin and YH) birthday on the same day. =D Hopefully they really enjoyed the day. 10++ years of friendships, and still counting!


Nyehehehe =P

Edited by YH

21. Taiwan Trip!
Always wanted to go for a trip to Taiwan, and again, shit just got real! For the first time, wrote a simple journal about the trip like, everyday (8days)? Missing the tour guide (Ah Bang), the green field with sheeps on it (what a view), good food at their nightmarkets and even in 7-Eleven! A lot more, of course. Hope to go to Taiwan again to explore more on my own, (if possible with Mian laa =P) instead of having a tour guide. I'm not saying that having a tour guide is not good, but I hope that one day, I can really plan a backpacker-like-trip to Taiwan! Yeay! I love Taiwan! =D

Waiting to board! *Excited*
Me with 101 TAIPEI!
With the sheeps, heehee =P

22. Triple A Night!
A night to remember. My official graduate night in A-levels, although there's still a semester to go. Took a lot of pictures, tried out a 'chickaboom' new hairstyle for the first time [Bro kept saying that it's horrible. -,- Nevermind, I was feeling preettaayyy~] And for the first time, bought a suite for my boy, =) he just look perfect in it. I think I fell in love with him for the second time that night. LOL

My so-called 'wild' style. LOL *ROAR*

The elegant SiewXuen

See, I told you he looks purrr-fect here! =D
We are graduated! =D

23. There comes the second trip of CCS
Unpleasant feeling indeed. =( Honestly, I was hoping it to be as fun as the previous one (PD Trip). Yet, it's full of surprises. SiewXuen, Alvin and Sissy were not joining, and I didn't know what is wrong with the itinerary. Pfft. And Tadaaaaa, got a blood-flood in my pants during the trip, what the... Anyway, good things always come with bad ones. We had always wanted to go for a trip with the whole CCS family, well, it's not totally fulfilled but at least 7 of us were there. =) Thank you for coming along!

Don't ask me why this is the only photo! XD Everyone wasn't in the mood. LOL

24. Le 30-hour Famine DIY Camp! - Fight Hunger
This will be my first and the last, I guess. Well, I can't say that I helped much in this camp, but, it was really a different experience for me indeed. Starving for 30 hours, seeing those superstars in real (and so closeee!!), being an inactive committee (LOL), had a great time, huahuahua. Junxiong ah, sorry that I seriously didn't help much but sincerely thanks for the memories. My first time to join this camp but straight away join the committee group ler, OMG, lucky me to know you. Haha, good luck to your future! Stay sweet with SiewXuen alright. =D

Le' Committee from Sunway. =)

The picture says everything. Great memories.

24. Gan's Farewell
I still remember that we were still in the midst of Mocks A2 or something. LOL. And we had a very simple dinner as Gan's farewell party before he left Malaysia to US. Great future to you Gan. CCS willl miss you. =)

CCS =)

With Gan

25. A great date
Went out for a date with my boy (out of Sunway) for the first time. =) I-City is suitable for us to paktor! =D Haha, experienced the 'Snow World' for the first time. *It's freezing coolllldddd* I was wearing super short pants some more, hahaha. Wondering how can I stand the winter after I go to UK for 3 years? =P Took a lot of great photos too! =D Love you Mian! (Eeeeee...)

26. University application
Before receiving Bursary, studying overseas had been a dream that I will never achieved. You see, Jay's superb and excellent results can't even lead her to the study overseas path? But of course, studying Medicine in the University of Malaya is definitely still a great choice of hers. =) How about me? All these while, I clearly know that Mummy and Daddy can never afford the cost to send me out to study overseas, so, I know I should follow Bro and Jay's path to enter UM. However, once again, BIG SHIT JUST GOT REAL! I see the light, I see the hope. I walked to a different path from Bro and Jay. I chose my way. I just have to say I'm lucky enough to have bursary to achieve my dream. =) Applying to UK universities is just way too different from what we have to do with UPU (to enter IPTA). Throughout the process of applying, I went through ups and downs. I met friendly counselors who guided me in writing my personal statements. I received criticisms from lecturers which once broke me down. I learned to get up and stay strong, realized that my personality isn't strong enough for me to face the challenges ahead in my life. Well, it's all done now, just to wait for any replies from the universities that I'd applied. =) I know that Big Man is always here with me and I just have to stay calm!

Friendly counselors, Alan and Hann. They are both lawyers too! (Graduated from LSE)

27. End of the Programme (A-Levels)
And then, there comes the end of the classes. As usual, lots of lots of farewell lunch/dinner with lecturers and classmates, and tonnes of the very last class photos always appear in my Facebook newsfeed. Everyone seems reluctant when it comes to the end of the program. Too much to remember eh? Classmates, jokes in the class, lecturers. No matter how much you hate the subject or class (or lecturer - Ooopps), you'll miss it after it ends anyway. True enough? Byebye lecturers, thank you and love you all much.

Mr Nedu - my beloved mentor and Economics lecturer. Won't forget every single joke that you told us in our class. You are always that special for me too, Sir. Thank you. =)

Mr Yong - my Applied Maths and FurtherMaths lecturer. You're a genius! OMG, although you are being boastful to the maxx sometimes, but you earned it, Sir. LOL
Argh, I blocked Amber! >,<

Ms Yap - Mian's mentor and my PureMaths and FurtherMaths lecturer. Kinda sad to leave your class, Teacher. Your lessons always intrigued me a lot. You made me love Maths more, seriously. =)
Celebrating Ms Yap's birthday

 Ms Esther - my Accounting lecturer. Sorry that I always fell asleep in your class, Teacher. LOL. But you're one of the most dedicated teacher that I've ever met! You are the best, Teacher! =D
Had a farewell dinner with Ms Esther at FullHouse. =)

28. Langkawi Trip with besties!
To create more memories, we decided to go on a trip! This time was kinda special, why? First time going out with housemates and those AhBengs. LOL. And it's the first time for Mian taking a flight! =D How exciting!
Thank you for organizing the trip, Twinkle. Although I got sick right after the trip because of the three 'patients' in the room, *ehemm*, anyway, I had fun tho! My last time to Langkawi was like more than 5 years ago?! Thank you everyone in the trip! Till we meet again! =D

Couples isolated. LOL

Butt-killing swing at the seaside. (Pain in the butt)


29. Superstars!
Thanks to Homesoy and KL Festival City, I grabbed a chance to see Penny Tai and JJ Lin in real within 2 weeks! Woohoo~ Penny is super pretty! And I realized that I don't really know much about her music. Hehehe. Thanks to Mian too for helping me to write that 'crap' to participate in the ticket-giving contest in Facebook. Hehehe. [I brought him to the concert too okay. =P]
With SiewXuen and Mao!

With Penny!!!!!!
Mummy went to the concert too! =)

And then, JJ LIN! OMGOMGOMG. He's real he's real! XD Super handsome! Thanks Mao for giving me this memory! Although my seat was far far away from the stage but awesome concert indeed! =D Had a great great great time!

Loving the light effects! =D

30. Aunt's funeral
Sadly, my aunt passed away on 7th December, 8.35pm, because of advanced breast cancer. She's a strong woman to fight against the cancer indeed. =) Rest in Peace, GuGu (Aunt in Chinese). You'll reach a place where BigMan will take very good care of you. No more struggle. No more pain. In memories, always, and ever.


Bla bla bla.
And then. Here I am. End of story.
Should I write about people I met in Sunway in my next post? Feel like wanna write out how they actually colored my A-levels life. =) Stay tuned!

P/S: Tired tired tired tired tired tired tired tired tired tired tired tired tired tired.