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Leap Year >,< Leap Day

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Mr Google's outfit for the leap day [29th Feb]. (:

Okay. Everyone is talking about 29th of February on twitter, Facebook, even Youtube!
Some may share photos about 29/2 is a day for girls to confess their love?
Oh hell, that's nonsense. -,- Then which day is for guys? Every day except 29/2?
You are kidding me. This is so ridiculous.

Okay. Logically, why is it [leap year i mean, not the Girl's-Confess-Event] exists?
Referring to Mr Wiki. Leap year is a year containing one additional day in order of what-the-hell-Wiki's-talking-about. I'm sorry. Here's my apologize. I really can't get you Mr Wiki. Lol.
Oh well, I'm not going to focus on the reason it exists.
I'm just talking about its impact here!

For BigMan's sake, everyone wishes he/she can do something fabulous or amazing thingy to make his/her 29/2 memorable.
It happen once in 4 years, buddy! Grab your chance to confess your love to the one your loved!
Or break the head of the one you hate?!

At first, I really think of these things. Do something unforgettable on this very special day.
Declare with your loved one on 29th Feb?
You'll lost 3 anniversary presents and 3 romantic anniversary dinners in within 3 years!
Hahahaha. :D
Well, emphasize on the 'AT FIRST'. lol.

It's 8 pm now. I haven't take my bubble bath yet. I'd watched movies and 'Glee' for the whole day.
WHOLE DAY. After I woke up, I turned on the lappy. And what's next? MOVIES.
LIKE USUAL. [just use a damn fucking bored tone when you are reading words that CAPSLOCKED.]
I'm lifeless. [At least for now, i mean. It'll be different after the result announced huh? -,-]
29th of February, 2012, is just an ordinary Wednesday for me! lol.

Kinda lazy and lifeless leap year frog. -,-

And now, I'm rubbing out my 'Greatest Plans' AT FIRST and grab my towel to take a bath. lol.
Peace. -,-

Happy Leap Day, buddies. I love you all. Peace. [one more time.] (:

Sonia's Engaged!

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Do you know Jayesslee? The super duper twins?! Mixed Korean?! Still no idea?
Here you are! Jayesslee!

Jayesslee stands for J-S-Lee. J for Janice and S for Sonia, of course.
I'm one of their fans! Their singing is superb babe. I can't express my feelings how much I love them.
Subscribe their videos on youtube now! JayessleeTV and JayessleeCovers (:
They are awesome!!! [Okay, tanda seru main peranan. :D]
You must be thinking, what the hell are you suddenly to write a new post about them?
Yes. There's something going on!

Sonia's engaged!
She's engaged with the Man behind the videos, the records, the phone calls, everything.
They date for 5 years and now they are engaged, AND will be getting married on March. Yes. Next Month! How exciting. Hahaha. :D
I don't care if you feel like why-the-hell-is-she-telling-me-about-this-and-it's-none-of-my-business because I'M THEIR FANS AND I WANT TO SHARE THIS HAPPINESS WITH OTHER JAYESSLEE'S FANS! Haha. Capslocked suddenly.

Well, this is a link to the blog of photographer of theirs.
Check it out and have a look at Andy and Sonia's Engagement photos! (:

These are some of my favourite engagement photos of theirs. Well, others are still awesome! :D

And this will be my favourite.
You can see the happiness in her eyes. (:

Congratulations to Sonia. Let the fairy tale begin! Peace. <3

BigMan's Plans ♥

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If you are really my buddy, you won't feel weird whenever I' talking about BigMan.
Sometimes people asked me, 'YY, who's your boyfriend that you always mention in Facebook and blog?'
WHAT?! Wth. I never mention about boyfriend that doesn't exist in reality okay. -,-
So, they are referring to BigMan.
I'm here to announce to you guys. BigMan is not only my boyfriend! HE's my only lover in my life!
Haha. BigMan = God, my dear. Hope you all can clear your mind off from this moment on. (:
Thank you for your understanding.

You will never know what BigMan's planning for you all the time.
I woke up in the morning and had given a chance, or we just call it as a MISSION.
That's what I waiting for all these years!
When BigMan really let it to come in front of me, I feel shocked, and panicked.
I have to admit that I was really happy and excited aka on top of the world!
But it's not ala carte feelings. It got add-on some more.
I'm scared. I 'm afraid of this kind of fairy tales.

Let's make the story clear.
Let say, you are given an important job from your boss.
Okay, that means you are really an apple of your boss's eyes, and that's why you are the chosen one for the mission. Exciting, right? (:
If you complete the mission wonderfully, you'll get a promotion.
If you fail, you won't get fired, but, you may let people around you down.

That's what I feel. Sometimes just feel like wanna burst into tears.
I'm now full of hope. Hoping that BigMan will makes it real.

Mummy said, I'm proud of you and I know you can do it!
Daddy said, This is your opportunity!
Superbro said, 命里有时终须有,命里无时莫强求。(:
[If it's yours, it'll comes in the end; If it's not, don't dwell in it.] [Translation (:]
Jay said, Just do everything required perfectly, and try your best.
Meme said, You can do it bebeh! <3
Pikachu said, Please stop worrying. Free your mind, you gonna be okay. (:
Wane said, No worries. You are the chosen one!
YH said, What? You are worrying? You must be kidding me. Haha.
[Hey buddy, I'm not that tough. (: But thanks.]
Grace said, Good luck for you, and good luck for my SPM. (:
[Always pray for you for the best kay. (: No worries.]

1, 2, 3, 4, .....9. I told 9 of them about the mission.
[Jangan jealous. Hhaha :D]
Hope the fairy tale will really has a happy ending. Wish me dreams come true!
 I'd done everything I should do, so BigMan, no matter what plan You are giving me, I'll accept it positively and learn to be grateful. ♥ ♥ ♥ Peace. (:

Pray and Thanksgiving. (:

Sabrina Najiha Ashari (:

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[This is a late post. Apologize. :/]

I logged in my Facebook like usual, checked on notifications like usual.
Then, *POP!* I saw an interesting notification.
[okay, there's no any sound when something popped-out, I know. -,- ]

I knew a new friend few days ago. (: Sab is her name. Sweet girl, tho. <3
She's an ex-student of the previous college of mine and had transferred to better college when she's in upper secondary, while I get into the college that she left when I was in my upper secondary.
Sounds complicated? Hahaha.
Repeating a few times will help you to understand better (:

She was asking me about snowflake dessert via my profile picture in Facebook and my previous blog post.
Credits to Snowflake. I made a new friend.
I would like to take this opportunity to spread this news.
So after this, I won't be confused to bring you guys to dine in there and have a bite! :D
Call my 'hotline' to reserve for appointments kay. [Haha, my schedule is quite full. :D]
Okay. Back to the topic. Sab is so lovely that she wrote a post in her blog to share the story about me and snowflake. How sweet she is.

Okay. Just imagine that. We just get to know each other better and she does appreciate me!
I love you, Sab!
No need to thank me for the Snowflake-is-Halal info, no any big deal to ask for it. (:
Seriously touched by her blog post that full of my photos with Snowflake.
I like it very much Sab. (:
Here's the lovely post. Hey buddies, check it out! O,o

And this is the post that I wrote on Snowflake's Wall on FaceBook. (:

And last but not least, meet Sab here and follow her bloggie when you feel free (:

Due to the private setting of her Facebook profile, I just grabbed one of her photos from her bloggie.
I still remember I commented this blog post [about make-up] with Anonymous identity since Miss Sensy haven't turn public yet that time. Hahaha. Meet Sab, the cute one. Peace. (:

Any excitement left?

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Nowadays. Technology is playing important roles.
i-Pad, iPhone, smart-phones, or maybe just a simple cell phone.
They are just replacing thousands and thousands of letter-papers, stamps, envelopes.
What's left behind?
Feeling cool that people that don't know each other at all [pun] can contact?
Feeling super that people keep in touch by sweeping fingers on the glass-like-or-plastic-or-whatever-material-like-screen? [Touch screen I mean. -,-]
The truth is, there's no excitement left behind, but just fast and simple life.
No more love letters confessing the love truly from the heart just like 'Where Rainbows End'.
[I'd read that novel up to 4 or 5 times.]
No more excited lovers waiting for letters from their partner every time the postmen passed by.
No more sincerity between lovers when you can have thousands and thousands of partners using technology.
For those 'multiple-task-players'. lol. I must call you this, bastard.
Facebook and Twitter or whatever, they are 'helping' people to build up 'self-confidence' as everyone can be friends! No matter who! Even a good-samaritan-looking guy can tell you that he's single and he's madly in love with another girlS. Emphasize on the 'S'. lol.
Surprisingly, there's no any excitement left.
I'm sorry to say that.
I'm feeling weird here.
What kind of relationship is this and people still going on although it's damn fucking weird?!
For those who feels like OMG-is-she-talking-about-me, give me a call when you feel free and I'll tell you is it true before I kick your ass. -,-

Again, I repeat, there's no any excitement left.
Why am I writing about this here? I'm just feeling weird for this moment.

R.I.P. ):

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One day......

That's the end of my story, thank you. Rest in Peace. lol.

P/S: Yes. It's a computer mouse. -,-

Beauty and the Beast?

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Feeling weird that I'm updating Miss Sensy once a day? Surprisingly. Haha.
What to do. I'm bored with the Foundation in Domestic Engineering at home :D

What cross your mind when you hear people talking about 'Beauty and the Beast' [Let's call it B&B]?
It's not a story like 'Red Riding Hood' or 'Snow White' that everyone know the plot of the story.
If you are asked to tell the whole story [B&B] without referring anything, can you do that?
Haha. 90% of you can't! I'm one of them in the 90%. Hahaha.
Google it if you really have no idea about it, my dear. Haha.
Today, I'm here to tell you B&B with YY's version. (: Peace.

Once upon a time, there's a handsome boy, living in a farmhouse. Alone.
A wicked witch had turned him into a Pikachu-cosplay-beast. In short, we called it PikaBeast. :D
[Just can't stop laughing as I'm typing these. XD]
The witch told him that he can only find a queen that truly love him, despite his Pikachu-look, then he will return to his appearance as the queen wish to.
PikaBeast felt very nervous as he doesn't know how to find such queen in this world.
One day, he read an advertisement on the newspaper.
"Love Helper", oh, it's the title of the advertisement. :D
[YY, what story is this? :D]
PikaBeast called the number on it, without any delay.
*Ring ring...* YY picked up the phone.

"Hello~ Love Helper is here."
"Hi, I'm searching for a queen, can you help me?"
"Oh, of course. BTW, here's a date for you. There's a queen in the castle that need a slave. Go and try to apply the job. FYI, the queen's hobby is asking her slaves thousands of questions. Bhahahaha... *evil laugh* Good luck PikaBeast."

[Okay, seriously I'm smiling when I'm typing this story. :D]

PikaBeast applied the job of the 'answering-machine-slave'.
His job is to answer every questions from the queen. [Nonsense huh? :D]
After a week, the queen was so impressed with PikaBeast, as no one answered so damn fucking a lot of questions before PikaBeast.
However, PikaBeast felt very lifeless in the castle. He missed his farmhouse.
So he asked the queen to allow him to go back to his farmhouse for a week.
He promised he will go back to the queen on time, otherwise he will be cooked as supper for the queen like the former slaves. :D [What kind of queen is that?!]

As PikaBeast reached home, he logged in his facebook and updated his status.
"The queen loves my answers. (:"
PikaBeast's best friend, named Cigar [lol, melalut dhh.] felt jealous to him and planned to make PikaBeast to break his promise towards the queen so that the queen will get mad and eat him up.
Cigar invited PikaBeast to hang out. They chit chat chit chat until 7 days passed them by.
PikaBeast didn't realize that he had met up Cigar for 7 days. He broke his promise.
Cigar felt very happy and burnt himself with a flame and evil laugh. [Like YY, the Love Helper :D]
PikaBeast missed the queen very much.
So he turned on his Skype to have a video call with the queen.
He saw the queen lying half-dead of heartbreak beside the roses bush in the castle.
PikaBeast returned to the queen immediately.
The queen told PikaBeast that she had fallen in love with him, especially with his Pikachu-look.
She told PikaBeast that there's an evil witch that cursed her N years ago.
After the curse from the witch, the queen became ask-holic.
If she didn't ask questions for one day, she'll lying half dead and die with an ugly look.
In the end of the story, PikaBeast putus kawan with Cigar for ever and ever.
Of course, PikaBeast kissed the queen.
BTW, he didn't return into handsome boy because the queen doesn't wish to.
And they lived happily ever after. XD

That's my version. How about yours? Hahahahaha :D

That's what I did whenever I'm bored. Damn fucking random and stupid fairy tale. Haha. Peace.

P/S: Story specially for YOU, YOU and YOU. <3 Haha.

Here I Come Bebeh!

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Just a little update post here. (:
Went to KL [again], but this time with parents and meet SuperBro and Jay there.
This time, I just camwhore all the time since no one wanna join me. -,-

Highlights for today :
- Mid Valley's Snowflake <3
- Ikea's Sweden Meatballs. [NyumNyumNyum :D]

 SuperBro with the Japan Ice-cream. (:

 Snowflake! <3

Well, this is a random take. Jay's gonna kill me for this! :D

 Sweden Meatballs! Hahaha :D NyumNyum.

 Apple pie as dessert. (:

 Chick. -,-

Salmon maybe. I'd forgotten what's its name. -,-

Actually, I don't have much to update. Just to share a story of mine here. (:
Yesterday night, after watching a movie with Jay and Jessie, when it's time for bed, hell, this is what I feel.
With bergolek-golek on the bed, finding a most comfortable position, my heart was like dup-dap-dup-dap.
Non-stop. Hell. -,-
Rase tak sedap hati laaa senang cter. 
The next morning. Ahak. There's another pimple on my forehead. *Welcome, new member. -,- lol*
On the way to IKEA. Perghh. 
Suddenly I experienced a weird feeling that only girls know but none of a boy knows.
Get what I mean?
PMS [Pre-menstrual syndrome ye, FYI.] rupenye. -,- No wonder laaaaa. 
Luckily there's a machine selling sanitary pad at IKEA. 
[In the female toilet, of course.]
That was my first time buying that thingy via a machine, okay?! Stylo dohh. -,-
Okay, that's the end of my story.
The moral value of the story is. Do make your Ovulation Timetable, girls! Hahaha.
Sounds weird. I mean Period Timetable. Haha. So you won't get nervous or helpless when you *tet* at public places. (:
For boys, please considerate about your little girl. Treat her like a queen during her period.
When she's telling you she's feeling worried or tak tenang hati or something else. Please beware.
Let her to have a happy period. :D 
[C'mon, just a few days for her to be damn fucking moody! :D]

Hey hey hey. I'm here to share you a video. She's awesome! I'm her little fans. (:
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Maria Elena! <3

Pens off. Peace. (:

Private VS Public

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Due to the collab-writing issue, Haha,
Jay said there's no point to add my blog's link as my blog is kept private.
So, it's time for making it public?

I remembered that the very first time I do blogging,
the only reason that I made it private is, I just wanna share all my feelings and updates to those really willing to hear about it. (:
Acceptable reasons? Hahaha.
I just feel quite awkward to share my feelings to everyone!
Accept my apologize please! [Melutut dhh ni. :D]

Sorry for those who don't even know the exist of Miss Sensy.
Oh ya. Miss Sensy is my bloggie's name. (:
How she got this name?
Click here then you'll know. (:
Haha. Malas derr na citer balik.
*Malas pemusnah generasi!

And you can visit 'About YY' page to know more about YY (:
Thanks. Follow me and drop me a visit whenever you feel free.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome Miss Sensy to be PUBLIC! XD

Random gif from YY. Ahak :D
Click on it if it didn't turn gif. Haha. Peace. (:

[Collab] Leave

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Ell Ee Eyy Vee Ee, we pronounce it as 'live' or 'leaf', maybe. (:
People always leave. All the time. Need some proof? (:

A son leaves his parents to go to some big cities to find jobs.
An unfaithful man leaves his wife for another girl. [Euwww. -,-]
A mother leaves her children every day after sending them to kindergarden.
A patient leaves his/her doctor in the room to the counter.
A doctor leaves his clinic for his way to home.
A tourist leaves his/her country to see the world.
YY leaves her school after she graduates?

Everyday, everytime, everywhere, LEAVE happens, directly or indirectly.
We should had get rid of it. But why there's still tears streaming down the face when someone's leaving?

The son and the parents cry.
The poor wife cries.
The children cry. [For the first day of school, maybe.] And the mother cries inside her heart.
Errr, I have no idea with the patient and the doctor. Hahaha.
Well, skip the tourist. :D
YY cries. (':

Did you feel upset when someone walked away from your life?
Death of family members? Broke-up with your lover? Friends turned to foes?
I hate that feelings.

However, I know everything happens for its own reasons. Never forget the BigMan's Plans! :D

Why Big Man plans to let me feel sad every time watching SuperBro and Jay leaving for college?
- He wants me to know how important are the super-duper-damn-fucking-strong-sibling-bonds between us.

Why Big Man plans some Mr. Wrong to walk into my life and makes them to leave at last?
- He wants me to learn how to say goodbye and let go of the past. [Lyrics of 'Back to Life' huh? Haha.]

Why Big Man plans to let me leave my home when I was 16?
- He wants me to grow up and learn something or two.

Why Big Man plans to let me feel sad every time watching Mum and Dad leaving after we had our lunch together in the college? 
- He wants me to be thankful and know that Mum and Dad can sacrifice anything for me <3

Why Big Man took away some of my family members?
- He wants me to know that everyone has his own life time and wants me to be more appreciate my-noob-self. Even though I'm noob, life is still precious!

Why Big Man plans a fight between friends and I?
- He wants me to learn how to handle these social problems so I can do well in the future.

See, I told you, everything happens for its own reasons. (:
No one loves people to leave themselves alone!
No matter who's leaving for a while or even for ever. 
Think the positive sides! There must be some reasons! Just make yourself happy. (: 

Here's the link for Jay's blog. Check it out what Miss Noisy-Dinny says about 'Leave' (:


Amazing Trip with Siblings... Day 2

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Amazing Trip with Siblings <3 Day 2

I'm glad you are staying on tune! Love you. (:
Alright, what's the highlight for the second day?
That's it! Olivia Ong! Awwww. :D

 Jessie, SuperBro and I had won 3 couple seating ticket for the concert via FaceBook.
That's really cool! :D

Olivia in the white dress during the night. She's awesome! <3

I was just too excited as this is the first time to attend a Live Concert in my life!
Olivia has an amazing voice! Just like an angel.
Well, there's a bit disappointed when she didn't sing my favorite song "Sometimes When We Touch".
I really wait for it! I really do! Pfft. Never mind. She's still the angel in my heart. <3

Ticket that we won! (:

YY's excited look! XD
Going to the concert~ Weee~

 Everyone get this as the connection with Olivia! <3

There's a heart-shaped balloon between every couple-seat. <3

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the "Partner of the Night" ! <3 Baby~

Aww :D I love this most! ^^

 Jay's partner of the night, WeiPing the cute one! (:

 Couple of the night! Jessie and SuperBro! <3 <3

 My lovely Jay. (:

Olivia's on the stage! <3 <3

And the end of the day, I got my 'Grab n Run' mission.
Tadaaa. I grabbed 4 balloons :D

Conclusion : Hypothesis is accepted. I had an amazing trip. <3

Amazing trip with siblings... Day 1

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Amazing trip with siblings <3 Day 1

Early, early, early in the morning, my alarm rang. -,- 6.00am, 10 February 2012.
I felt exciting and on top of the world and.... No, punye laaa ngantokkkk. -,-
I woke myself up and walked into Jay's room with zombie's step. Haha.
Guess what? I slept again on Jay's bed until 7am. lol.

Ok, let's skip the cleaning-ourselves part.
Ohh, and the part that Jay and I recorded the song of our cover for the last time before she's going back to UM.

When all the members [sounds like many of us, right? Padahal just three of us. -,-] of the Amazing Trip gathered at the Bus Station, everyone was excited.
I would like to introduce the three of us. (:

YY in the blue shirt, meet Baby in the white shirt, and Jay with the flowers! (:

Baby and I was really excited as this was the first time that we travel to somewhere by bus and ktm by ourselves, you know, without parents. :D
Check our excited look here. <3

That's us on the bus! (:

There's a peanut boy disturbing Baby in the bus.
Why am I calling him peanut? Look at his head. Peanut. Hahaha.

We took City-Liner to Seremban then to Mid Valley by KTM. 
When we just reached Mid, Baby told me he saw someone he knows. Guess who!

That's my babies! Alice [centre], Eling [the one with legging], TaiTai [with specky] and Hon [in black shirt].

I admit that, after coming back from college, I feel so far away from these old friends.
Sometimes I just wanna ignore them when they date me. [My bad. :/]
Sorry, I just don't know how to face you all.
There's no much left for us to talk and gossip about. ):
But, the fact is, you are always in my heart, friends.
I can't describe how I feel when I met you guys accidentally at KTM station.
That's really cool! No doubt! (:

Well, after that, We had our lunch at KFC.
You must been asking about that KFC's incident, right?
NO WAY, I want my chicken. -,- No matter what, I won't boycott KFC when I want the chicken.
Hahahaha. :D 

JD in the Boycotted KFC. Look at the eyes! [We need rest. lol. -,-]

After the KFC session, just because we need to wait for SuperBro to fetch us, We got McD session somemore.
Hey, I got a story to tell. -,- Never miss it out okay.
As it was lunch hour when we reached McD, damn a lot of people there. Full seated. Haha.
So, I was wandering around to find plugs for Jay's lappy because we knew that we will be seated in McD for a few hours. :D 
Then, I'd spotted a place with plugs but there's 3 nurse-liked-dressed 'juicy' lady eating there.
Okay, that's rude watching people eating. But what to do. I need that place!
Jay and I waited for that 3 juicy lady for half an hour, maybe, with those bags somemore. Perghh.
THEN, when we just got to that place, guess what?! Someone sat on that place already. Ggrrrrr. >,<
That's the end of the story. Lame. 

YY in McD. (: [Double lunch that day, hohoho.]

Alright, here comes the highlight of the day!
'Fist of Dragon' Grand Premiere at Pavilion!!!! Awwww. :D

Ah Hui and the damn handsome Monday! OMG!
This is the first time for me to attend a Grand Premiere Movie. 
A big thank you to Jessie and SuperBro!
And luckily, I got an opportunity to take photos with 林静苗!
Ohh, I can't forget her quote. (:
Want a review for the movie?
It's cool. The action director had done his great job, but, well, the story is like so-so. Hahaha. :D
But no worries! It's still worth to have a watch! (:

Fist of Dragon. (:

Another highlight of the day is UNITED BUDDY BEAR! (:
According to Mr. Wiki,

Buddy Bears are a series of painted, life-size fibreglass bear sculpture originally developed in Berlin, Germany. 

However, the two concepts Buddy Bear and United Buddy Bears stand for two very different types of activity. Well, I would like to skip the Buddy Bear's part. Ask Mr. Wiki when you feel free about it. (:
The United Buddy Bears are primarily about their message - a message of peace, international understanding and and tolerance among the nations, cultures and religions of this world.

Mr. Wiki showed me the place where United Buddy Bears Exhibition held since 2010 till 2012.
It's Malaysia's turn! XD Awww.

This is the photo that Mr. Wiki took. Hahaha.

And here's mine! (: [You tell me, who has the better skill. (:]
The winner is me, no doubt. :D

And then, the end of the day.
Tiring but exciting. (:

Don't go anywhere, stay tuned! XD