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♥ A lil' update from YY ♥

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Wait for so long time. Finally. Found and excuse to write a post.
I had entered a new phase of my life...
Exciting? Tiring? Challenging?
Naaa. No more words. I'm LAZY!!!
I show you pho-TOEss..
No one can ever escape from laziness KAY. XD

When 6 meets 5. Guess what.
These are my lovely doobeedoo housemates. =)
Room 1, Khangyee, what? small in size? Hell no! She got black belt in taekwondo!
Room 2, Laviniea Lebeau the beauty! Gosh, no more words, she's pretty! XD
Room 3, Yanying the ShinChan! Ahak, She's the blur, Haha, cute girl tho.
Room 3a, Josephine, she's the one who always play the leader roe in our unit. =) Salute*
Room 5, The cutest one!! That's my room laa. Ahahaha... XD
Room 6, Daphne! Ughh, always get bullied by the owner of Room 5. Huahuahua. XD
Room 7, Shiying the emo girl. Cheer up k. Eveything gonna be alright. =]
Room 8, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star~ Hehe. Twinkle is her name. =)

Nah, Pictcha~
*From the left, Jojo, Shiying, Ky, Twinkle, Lavi, YY, Daphne, Yanying. =)

NEXT. *pressing the bell*
Meet Karine and Jeremy. =)
During the first week of class, naturally I just sit with both of them all the time since we got the same subjects combinations.
Maybe because of I just used to sit at the back row. XD
Karine is as friendly as Winnie the Pooh. LOL?!
Just simply give a random example. Ahak.
In short, she's CRAZZYYYYY!
Haha, I know you must thinking "So do you!"
It's just too hard to find someone that suit you so much. =]
Karine... Love you MUCH MUCH. XD

Jeremy the vampire... LOL
Till now I'm still figuring out how on earth he will only get sleepy during the day except the night.
Vampire Generation?! Dafuq?
He's cute tho. He always act sissy in front of us and keep on telling us if he show us his MANly side, we'll all fall in love to him. LOL. Better it's true.

 *Awkward face, awkward smile. LOL

NEXT!!! *pressing bell again*
Random friends from Bursary.
Jeihiin, Darren, Logan, Rugesh, Sissy Kuek, etc. I can't remember all laa dude.
Just wanna tell you I'm totally fine here!

 *Random picture. XD

By the way. I got BIG BIG problem...
LOL. Since I was a small kid, I knew I am a big spender...
Hmm, needa adjust my budget tho.

Whatelse to update with you guyz huh? My unit?
Perghh. My hotel-like hostel is AWESOME!!!
There are 8 rooms in a unit.
That means I got my single room. =]
Dining area + little kitchen, attached bathrooms, chilling area...
Hesh, pictures tell a thousand words. =)

 Ma Bedroom!!! XD

 Dining area + Lil' kitchen... Oops, who's there? 

 Chilling area + Balcony!!! XD

 Nice nice toilet and Bathroom. Haha.

jealous? Haha. I'm happy to choose Sunway.
Thanks to MoE for giving me free education and such wonderful accommodation.
Just one thing. Where's the allowance?! LOLOLOL. X(

Long enough post I guess? OKAI, See ya! =) Peace.