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The world keeps spinning.
And I keep on moving.

9th April, 2012.
I checked back my previous posts.
And I found a 2011 new year wishlist.
Oh well, seems I'd forgotten to do some review in the early of 2012.
So, I'll do it now. (:

Here we go.

1. Have a neat and tidy room! lolz!
            - I will never have this I guess. *looking around the room*

2. Family members always in the pink of health!
            - Just take care of yourself! I'm no longer at home anymore later. :'(

3. Friends will always got their own path!
            - Friends are getting into colleges! Thanks BigMan for the dream came true. (:

4. Beat BIO down!
            - I got A+ for my Bio?! Unbelievable! Thanks BigMan! Muahh!

5. Have happy periods... =,=
            - Not having any of it. Haha. But a happy year still, tho. (:

6. Well done in SPM!
            - Everyone told me I should satisfied with it. So hmm, thanks BigMan for everything. :')

7. Daddy reduces his working time!
            - No No No. No comment. I will continue this in my wishlist for 2012. (:

8. Mummy always have nice rest!
            - Hmm. She's getting more and more busy I guess. ):

9. SuperBro always in sweet-sweet-love with Jessie!
            - They are doing GREAT! :D

10. Jay reach her goal for U!
            - She'd in MBBS in University of Malaya! Thanks BigMan for this dream came true. (:

11. I can correct all the mistakes done in 2010!
            - Hmm. Did I? :/

Day after day, and I'd been waiting day after day.
When SPM is around the corner, we think about what will we do after the war.
We will go shopping.
We will go to fantastic places and spend time together.
We will buy this buy that.
We will meet him meet her.
We will have this reunion that reunion.
We will do whatever we want.

The fact is. We didn't go on any of our plans.
It's been about 4 or 5 months of holidays for me.
What I can say is, I did a lot of things these days but the boredom is still killing me.
I'd been waiting for my chances so long.
And I get tired now.
Hopeless came nearer and nearer towards me.
BigMan. Please let me know I should continue to hope.
Or let me know if I should follow their way.

Daddy keeps telling me how many benefits there is if I follow SuperBro and Jay's footsteps.
But in the end, he told me to choose my own path.
What's the point? I get confused. :'(
You are letting to choose my own way, but still trying to tell me you'll be happy if I follow them?
I'm tired, Daddy. :'(

If YOU and YOU will be proud of me like you did to them when I follow their steps.
Count me in.

A day for SISTERS!!!

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Jay. Once again. This post is for you. <3
Why am I writing these?
Because I didn't get chances to see your backside when you left this afternoon.
*Sob sob sob. :')

Jay had her one-week-sem-break at home.
[Just 6 days actually.]
I wonder how can she keep on studying and doing assignment in sem-break(s). -,- LOL.
That's why.
I always tell her this sentence.

Well. She listened to me for a day. LOL
Yes. Just ONE day.
We went for movie!
Tu punn after settling down her scholarships thingy.
What movie? The insane one! Hunger games~

Jennifer Lawrence is AWESOME!
Nice lips tho. :P
Long long time didn't hang out with Jay like this already.
It's really a day for both of us.
Jay. Sometimes you just gonna have some rest.
Please don't keep on stressing yourself.
You are insane enough as a medical student and excellent enough among the 3 of us!
Always be SuperBro AND my idol okay.
Activities are good.
But sometimes when we try to join everything, [I mean seriously EVERYTHING]
We are going to mess up ourselves.
Your current condition is good. No worries. Just a small reminder for you. <3
Going to end up first year already. (:
Keep putting more and more efforts kay.
[Well. Current condition is good enough to prepare for your studies already. Jangan over study lak. -,-]
Okay. No more words. Best of luck. (:
Here's some photos. Hee. Never miss them out. :D

 Favourite menu in MB. (:

 She's cute. (:

She said I was like teddy bear?! Derrr. -,-
[Scholarship stuffs in front of me. Messy huh?!]

ANDDDDDDDDD These. (: OTW to Hunger Games. Weeeee~
[Jay keeps ignoring me. -,-]

Random take. Peace YAWW. XD

Add-on for you Jay. Sorry for my low quality phone camera. But we both will like this. (:

I love you Jay. (: <3

Call ME Miss Drifter. (:

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Early, early, early, in the morning.....
[Woke up quite late. 7.30am. My alarm at 7.00 get snoozed again and again. Imagine that. LOL]
Not really any big event for me. -,-
Surprisingly. I didn't get nervous at all.
Hello. I'm not boasting here.
True colors. True feeling.
I thought I will get nervous and scare like hell till don't know how to spell 'SLEEP' in the night.
Oh. I didn't tell you yet what's the event this morning?
Oh. Driving test.
Someone told me it's like 'petik jari'. LOL.
Well. Credits to someone.
I kept on petik my fingers this morning waiting for my turn. -,-
I had driving test (JPJ) this morning.
Eh, did I mentioned above?

Alright alright. I thought I won't update with you guys about this.
But HELL NO. Something interesting happened.
When I took my number [Oh, it's 7. (:], then an unknown uncle said to me,
I gave myself a troll face.
I'm dead. LOL. I wore a shirt without collar?!
Holy shit. AMOI. Y U NO BRAIN?!
Then the JPJ Officer was damn unfriendly and call my number.
[I got a number tag on the shirt. Like prisoners huh?! -,-]
I turned my face toward Auntie.
[Still remember the Husband-And-Wife in this post Whoa! What the fish?!]
Auntie nodded her head. Hmm. Guess what. We changed our clothes. -,-
I'm okay with her shirt.
Not so old-fashioned for my wearing style maybe. [FOR HER ABSOLUTELY YES. LOL]
But it's ridiculous when you saw people wearing your own shirt and walked around in front of you.
Everyone was laughing at her. Sorry Auntie. :'( My shirt doesn't suit your age?
No doubt. That's the interesting thingy I wanna share. -,-
For me, there's nothing special to share about the process of the test.
Except how hot is the day, how long did I wait, how many sweat on my forehead and neck. LOL.

 No offence. Braces girls are HOT! Bhahahahahha. :D

 Miss Drifter 2012. :P

Well. That's so called petik jari. Then for sure I passed it like petik jari. (:
Call me Miss Drifter bebeh!
What? You want the tips to pass?
Just flirt the officer without having eye contact with him! :P
[Avoid eye contact to keep yourself calm. But well. He's wearing sunglasses. -,-]
Peace yawwww. (:

It's all about 'HappyHappy'! Grrr.

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I seldom start a post with a picture before this. [never maybe?]
Did you see this guy before?!
He's deadly wanted by YY now. -,-
Whoever kill him in front of me, I'll give you sweets!

Here's the story.
I was playing table tennis with SuperBro.
Suddenly [Yes, very sudden.] I heard an irritating sound.
Oh damn, and I saw that guy! [The one in the photo! Riang-Riang Bodo namenye!]
SuperBro and I was running like hell. -,-
I even burst into tear being frightened by that stupid thing. Darn.

He often appears in my college when I was in Form4.
OMAIGODD. You can't imagine that.
Just him [Only one. Without friends.] entering my class.
He able to empty up my class within 5 seconds.
Girls were screaming like heck. -,-
Boys were escaping too.
Darn. Just because of this thing named 'HappyHappy' aka 'Riang-Riang Bodo'. LOL.

I ended up playing table tennis with SuperBro because of him! Arghhh!

Okay, that's all I want to share with you guys about HappyHappy. :)
Next time if you see him, just kick his ass for me please. -,- I'll be pleased.

BTW. I'm here to announce.
It's 2nd April today! Weeeee~
A GREAT day for a GREAT person!

You are the best brother ever. :)

Well, sorry that I have no presents for you.
But something I need to tell here!
Your birthday present from Jessie is damn great!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Xiom Zeta + Xiom Jazz~

Xiom Zeta.
This table tennis rubber is super cool man.
Built in speed glue babe~
Bery Bery Bery Bery SPEEDY and SPINNY!
I was quite shocked when I first hold the bat.
First thing came into my mind is 'Not so heavy, I like it. :P'
[Okay, I prefer lighter bat. :)]

Matching with Jazz blade.
Made by Kiso Hinoki.
Well, I didn't do any research on it, but based on what SuperBro told me, it's a nice blade with expensive material :P
When it's expensive, then we know how the quality is. XD

SuperBro told me that he got an initial on the blade, specially for him.
LOL. He really mean it to that initial 'T'.
So speechless.
Bro, everyone who has this blade got that initial okay. -,-

Although I'd been long long time didn't get involved in table tennis, but it's still my favorite sports okay!
Sorry SuperBro, I just keep on saying that you are just boasting about your Xiom.
It's really awesome kay.
Haha. Just trying to let you down. Don't want you to kembang lerr~ Bahahaha. :D
BTW, My Sriver EL is still the best for me.
Since 2005, I used Sriver EL and never switch to other rubber. I'm lovin' it! <3

Whatever laa Bro, it's totally awesome. You deserve it. Although it's your final year in UM.
I felt a little bit emo when you said that will be your last bat.
Time flies. It's 2012 ady.
I finished my secondary school ady.
And you reached your final year finally.
Do your best kay. I know you can do it. It's your glamor final year!
Always pray the best for you. :)
Happy Baby Day, once again, 23-year-old-baby-boy. :)

P/S: Thanks for the hug this afternoon. (: Best of luck for your future! Love you!