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It'd been approximately six months that Sensy had been neglected.
Jay was screaming at me, why I never update Sensy for decades.
Busy? Naaa.
Nothing to write? Naaa. Tonnes of stories to be told.
It's not totally about laziness, indeed, I swear. It's just a feeling that push me to a motion-less state.
When all the mixed feelings, unpredictable stories, problems without clear solutions and all shitty things crushed on my head, what I wanna do is just, ughh, where's my bed.
And you might wonder why I update Sensy like... now?

Boredom? Yes.
Something to tell? Yes.
Problems solved? Yes... kinda yes.

It's the end of my second semester of A levels in Sunway, which indicating the end of my AS which probably decides where will I go after this. We'll see in one more month.
Lots of changes to be done. Direction of my dream, ohh, let us not use the term "dream". Direction of my path, attitudes towards people around me, view on situations around me.
I still remember the last sentence on my birthday card from Jay last year.
"Try to see the world with a 18-year-old view."
Well, I'm officially 19 now, more than that. -,-
Time to grow up, YY.
People who are loving you must be eagerly to see the grown-up little girl in few years.
Just can't let them down, right?
The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts. -Albert Einstein
I can't say that I'm having a big dream right now, but at least I know what I want finally. And I won't stop striving for the path that I wanna go for, just sit back and watch me.

One more semester to go. A lot more things to be fought yet to be cherished in this period.
The phrase "why can't I" always stick in my mind, even my family's.
I never know that a random phrase can affect one so much, until he repeated a quote from my status without hesitation after so long. (Real long, even YY couldn't say it out loud although it's my own quote.)
I'm glad that it did motivated you, and keep it up and keep that people-say-it's-nonsense-silly-yet-big-dream, I'll always be your Fans Number-1. =)

Anyway, I'm still the why-can't-I-girl, for now and ever. =)

P/S: I'll update stories(in the past six months) if possible. Sorry for making you to wait for soooo looooonggg~ If possible=If YY feels to do so. LOL