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Footsteps from Bali [Step 1]

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After the last paper for SPM. I went for a Bali trip. With Dad and Mum.
Well. I'm not going to describe the place I went one by one.
But telling you every single footsteps I left at Bali.
And every single footsteps that Bali left in my heart. (:

The very first flight.

I'm 17 already! And it's the first flight in my life!
Well, however, I'm not as exciting as Mummy and Daddy expected.
Haha, I just only being cool during the flight.
Just more photoshooting on it. [Well, it's a must. (:]

YY is on her first flight! XD

Mummy and YY. (:

Mummy lend me to have the seat beside the window.
Just because my first time sitting on a plane. (:
Jay had her first flight at twelve.
Unfortunately, SuperBro haven't have any flight yet till now.
So, I'm so lucky to have this opportunity!
Haha. SuperBro! Don't be jealous okayy. XD

When looking outside the window, and the plane is leaving the ground gradually,
some special and unique thingy play in my mind.
How small and tiny we are.
From the top, houses and buildings are like matches boxes. [smaller maybe.]
People are not seen.
The issue is, why there's still people in this world who like to boast about themselves?
We are not insane. We cannot even reach the power of Big Man.
We are just to be the loyal servant and be humble.
When we are as proud as a peacock, don't we think about Big Man?
When we are bullying others that being weaker, don't we think about Big Man?
When we feel like we are something like "hot stuff" among others, don't we think about Big Man?
When we think we are rich enough, don't we think about Big Man?
How small, tiny and weak we, the humans, are.
After a moment, nothing to be seen, including the tall buildings and skycrappers.
What are we then? As tiny as the bacteria.
If Big Man has a lab. HE have to see us using the microscope. (:
What do you think?
We get a NOBLE trophy then we are insane?
We become the champion in any event then we are insane?
We get our degree, even master and PHD certificate then we are insane?
We have bundles of wealth then we are insane?
Everyone is the same in the eye of His.
Our success just depends on our hard work.
Big Man is fair enough.
If you are smart, you'll lose something else in other way.
If you are not pretty enough like others, you'll be granted something else in other way.
Chapter 1 from the trip: Humble is the first policy to become a human. (:

outside view from the plane!

Just to share a little footsteps from Bali. Have a nice day! (:

Pens off.

I'm sorry.

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What's wrong with me.
I'm freaking out here.
Everything is out of its lane.
Like the train out of its railway.

What the hell I did.
Why everything around me is changing?
Friends are leaving.
He's leaving.
Big Man is forgetting.
I'm punishing myself?
On every single mistakes that I've done?

Meme told me it's normal.
She said I'm growing up to another stage.
Really? Is it?
She said be positive!
This time. You will know him and them better.
You will know what friends think about you.
You will know what you need from him.
You will know what he actually expect from you.

Maybe she's right.
But Big Man. I'm sorry. I need you to give me some time.
Mummy always says that I'm an analytical person.
But I really need time to do analysis this time.

I feel. Helpless. Lonely. Tired. Exhausted. And. Hopeless.

Pens off.

New Hair Cut?

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Early in the morning, [It's quite late ady actually. =,=]
Superbro, Jay, Baby[New here huh?] and I went to a saloon for hair cutting.
It'd been so long I didn't have a hair cut.
The last time was 1/2 week(s) before my SPM.
My hair was like. Err. Grass beside the road? Anything.

This one. My new hair cut?

Well. Let's see. Ignore the hair color. I supposed to call it a layer cut? My hair in front become damn short ady. [Length of my face.]

This will be a real short post. Just to update what's new on me. Wee~

Pens off.

Whoa! What the fish.

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Okay. This is ridiculous.
I'm 17 already. It's time for a driving license.
[I know it's a bit late since my birthday in on 3rd March. =,=]
Here comes the story.

I watch 'Dream High' till 3 am last night. [I should use 'this morning' perhaps? =,=]
Hmm. Time flies. I didn't notice that it's 3 already.
I planned to wake up 4 am.
[Someone asked me to be the alarm clock to wake someone up.]
What for? Football. Hurm. What do you expect? Wake up for a MILO? No. =,=

Well. UNFORTUNATELY. I missed the alarm.
Darn. I slept 3am. Planned to wake up 4am. WTH. I didn't get annoyed 'punn' by the alarm.
When I was still murmuring in my dream.
Someone pulled my hand.

'YY, Wake up. Everyone is waiting for you.'

Huh? Wait for me? What the hell is going on?
As usual, I act like very fresh.
[YY, Bro and Jay used to act like not sleepy at all whenever kantoi sleep late by Dad or Mum.]
Well. They will keep on murmuring at you till the heaven.
Okay okay. I admit. I kene kantoi at 3am. =,= by Daddy.

They are going to bring me for registering my name for the driving license.
Okay. Here comes the climax. Hee.

I pushed the door [The sign at the door asked me to do so] and walked in.
I'm waiting for this. 'Can I help you?' [Imagine that's with a damn polite way.]
Well. This shocked me.

Auntie : What do you want? [Out of expectation. Out of expectation. Derr.]

YY : [Still in shocked.] Driving license?

Auntie : You sit down first har. [Throw a KPP book at me. I didn't use the wrong word. Throw.]

YY : [Try to have a look on that book.] ...

Auntie : You fill in this form first. Don't touch that book first. I got a lot of things to tell you. Did you bring your IC copies. I need two. Ok have a look at this. You have to correct 42 out of 50 questions. Then your slip will be like this. The color questions cannot get wrong har. You have to get letter from doctor if you get wrong. This is the form. And... [Okay. It's non-stop. I don't even have chances to ask her questions. WTH.]

YY : Auntie. I didn't bring my IC copies.


Okay. I'm not going to continue the conversation. What I want to say is. Why is she so rushing? Neither me or Dad. But she is. Well. You are forgiven, Auntie.

I'll keep on updating my driving lessons or whatsoever.

Pens off. [Huh. =,=]

The very last day. 051211.

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[Warning. This post will be PHOTOS > WORDS.]

After the Bio papers. Everyone was excited like hell.
But not for those Account and Art students since our papers haven't finish yet.
And now, the story is all about the Account classmates. (:
However, I missed a few days of revision with them.
I just got the chance to be with them for the last day of revision.
I went back home. Huh. [Okay. Not because of HOMESICK. You can't use this word on me.]
SO, I went back to college on 041211. Early in the morning. :)
Everyone was like 'Hey, YY's back!'. Happy to see them.

Okay. That's us.

Shaz, I menti. She's better than me. I always feel like this. (:

Chatting with Taqi during revisions is a must. He's awesome. :D

Err. He's smart. That's what I can say about him. Hee. Derrrr. XD

Okayy. Ayin is our Account class monitor. He loves food. Everyone knows that. (:

Supper during revision class. ;P

See. I told you. My menti is teaching others. :D

Same shirt man. Whoa! XD

It accompanied me during the very last revision night at Serting. Cherish. Credits to Airry :)

After this. Jeng jeng jeng. Hmm. Here comes our big big day.
It's Account Day!
How exciting we are!
It was the last day we are wearing the school uniform in MJSC Serting.

Sah, means 'certified' in English. She's the one who sahknn our answers. Cool. XD

Amie, the legend killer. Ooops, Amie the tough girl. She's the one wearing the same shirt with me last night. =P

Airry, the IPOD owner. He took photo with me twice, just because he don't know what face to show. Cute. XD

Iman, the girl with big big Accountant dream. Iman, you'll do great. (:

Sakinah, the Dorrie fish in 'Finding Nemo'. Ahha. Well, I just think that they look alike. =P Oh ya, She's intelligent and sweeeeeeeeet.

I love MISU! Okayy, she's kind and always by my side whenever I was depressed. (:

Meet Zee the Cutie! She's damn adorable! Whoa! XD

Meet Raimi the France. I never expect I'll have a Frenchie friend like him. Well, he's a bit bossy. Grrrrr.

Fahmi the Abang Long, he got a long scar on his face. And I asked him how he got it bravely finally on the last day at MJSC Serting (:

Account A++! XD

Meet FarraFizz, the hardworking. (:

Meet Muhammad. See, I told you, braces are adorable =P

Ahmas, the shuffler! Okay, I've no idea why they call him this >,<

Okay, he's asking me questions on the cover page. FAKE. =,=
[muke lagi lhh ta leh bla.]

Last but not the least, meet Milan the charming! Oops, he's sweet. Aww.

And this will be the add-on. Meet YY the sweetie. =P

After the paper, I got a little talk from the invigilator. Just because of bringing my Nikon baby to the exam hall.
[Alright, I know I'm wrong. But who cares! It's my last paper! Whoa! XD]

In the hall! (:

I hate this countdown board. No doubt. Hee.

Byebye Abang But [One of our neighbours in the AAB dorm].
'But' stands for BUTA. He's blind!

My very last photo in AAB. Cherish everything happened here. (:

Met Uncle, Auntie and Sisters. Comfortable. [But nervous. Ahha.]
And you just keep laughing at me. =,= lol.

I miss you MJSC Serting. :)

Pens off. (: