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THE New Phase

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Everyone was like keep on asking,
Hey. Where's your profile picture?
Hey, where are you studying now?
Nahhh! Here, I've changed my profile picture in my Facebook.
And. I'm officially a Sunway student now!

Kinda busy these weeks.
And now.
I'm sitting in the THOLibrary, waiting for my very first class at 10.30am.
Nervous? A little bit.
But for sure. MONDAY BLUE!!!
Ughh. For the first time I feel the Monday Blue!

RELUCTANT to go to the class after about 7 months of time in totally-holiday-mood.
Jay said I had transform to a college girl look instead of high school girl.
She's trying to say that I'm old already?! Darn. -,-
Hmm. Don't really like that description.

OK. I'm now an CIA-levels student. Well said that I'm ABOVE THE REST!
Wakakaka. Syok laa~ Above the rest ler! Aku ada, kau ada?
Well. I have to go now. Will post some pictures next time.
Peace yaww~ =D