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The Power of Negative Thinking

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I sat down on the sofa, and grabbed a book randomly from the table.
"100 Ways to Motivate Yourself"
Hmm, what's on my mind was 'Jeremy needs this book, man' LOL
As usual, I flipped through the book and skimmed through the 100 ways (title) to motivate myself.
Well, 'stay hungry always', 'always be ontime' ... bla bla bla,
Nothing much interesting...
None of the topics can catch my eyes. Tsk tsk tsk.
Until I reached the 101st ways, 'The Power of Negative Thinking'.
I stopped at the page and urged to read more about it. =)
I always do that, right?
Hahaha, I feel like wanna know how the negative thinking helps me. =D

Here it goes.
There is a group of people, given a paper and a pen, asked to write down their aims in their life.
Some of them started to scratch their head and think, some wrote one or two, overall seems confused with their own answers.
But then, when they were asked to write something that they don't want to happen in their life, everyone was like SPM candidates, -writing non stop-. LOL
When we don't want certain things to happen in our life, we will try our best to avoid to happen, aren't we?
See the power of negative thinking? =D

I thought negative thinkers like me are suckzz.
You will say 'Annoying seyhh! Can't you just think something positive?!'
I didn't choose to think that way you know.
I'm just scared. I'm scared making decisions.
I have to think of every probabilities, every situations, every circumstances whenever I'd made a choice.
We are totally awesome actually! XD
We are always well prepared for the worst, and expect the unexpected.
Hmm. Just don't over think then everything will be alright, right? =)
[But YY always over think! =X]

P/S: I went to a 7km charity run on 11/11/2012! Hahaha, people that rarely jog LIKE ME can finish 7km in one and a half hour, not bad you know! XD Well done, YY! Here's some pictures!

Before the run! Funny warming up session. HAHAHAHA :D

Jeihiin and YY! This is just before the run. We were excited! XD

Daphne and I passed by a checkpoint and saw Jeremy got muscle cramped. [Ignore the Superman at the back. -,-]      

You know what we're trying to show you all with our smiles?! We finished the run! XDXD

My Baby! XD Daphne accompanied me all the way for 7km. Appreciate. :P Thank you baby XOXO

What a great day! XD Tiring but satisfied.
Here's some words for Eugene who overslept and missed the event: