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Still looking forward the update about Happy Baby Day -Part II?
Still looking forward announcement of my SPM results?
Still looking forward all the study plans of mine after the result released?

If your answer is YES, YES ans YES. I'm letting you down here. ):
I'm not going to update with you guys about that.

Reasons? Yes, I have some. :P

Adoi. You know what. Release of the results is not the end of the war.
It's just about to start!
You will see me like some kind of desperado, facing the lappy all day long searching for 'future'.

Second. Tarak mood.
I thought I'll be updating about the celebration birthday with my friends.
Unfortunately. I am not satisfied with the photos that night. LOL.
Kick me for this reason please. Haha.
Some more I thought I should write something about birthday presents.
So, I'm here to thanks those who do something or work on something for my birthday to make me happy. (:
SuperBro, Jesssie, Jay, Baby, Rady Zahary [Finally I mention your name here. :D], Meme (: , Fadlan Nafiz, Grace Yong, Dear JinJin, Hian, Alice, Kenny Tee, Eling, EnnEnn, Villiam Tai etc.
Another sorry here for those I'd forgotten to add your name here.
Of course, a big thank you kiss and hug to my beloved Mummy and Daddy, for your ovum and sperms.
Ooopss, for your love and care in these 18 years. (:

Third. What the hell is the study plan?!
I don't have plans.
Please stop asking me the same question.
You can smell some jealousy from me to those who had their clean and clear direction for their future.
A big big congratulations here for them.
I'll try my best to find the direction of mine. (:

Okay, I think 3 is enough. In addition, it's my lucky number + birthday date. :P
Peace yaw. Fighting~



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Less than 24 hours to go to get to know what you got for the effort you put in within these years.
Nervous? Excited? Both?

Nervous to know the ending? [Okay, it's not the ending but a new start to your future]
Feeling exciting to meet you guys!!!
Miles apart for 3 or 4 months.
Finally, we'll be here again to gather up for our destiny!

Next, will be the teachers. No matter what result I'll get, greatly appreciate your advices and knowledge.
Oh, not only teachers in MJSC Serting. Teachers in SMK Datuk Mansor too. Highly appreciate here.

What's next?
Daddy, Mummy, SuperBro, and Jay, who always by my side to go through all those nightmares whenever I was feeling lonely and helpless. No matter what I got in the end, THANK YOU.

Wane, Myra and Eujee. Thanks for being with me in the same cube.
Sorry for everything and I miss the moment we skip classes and block-clearing together. :P
[Well, at least not every time we did the same thing.]

Okay. Classmates.
I had a great time you guys! From the bottom of my heart!
I would like to apologize here if I'd made mistakes when handling the class as the Vice President [the cute one. :P]
I love you guys. (: Lots of love for you!

Okay. No more other words. Just wait and see.
So I lift my hands and pray, hoping the success to be only ours, all the 94' babies.
Peace. (:

POYO. Hahaha. :D 
[In the car. On my way to Genting~ Weeee~]

[Collab] Siblings

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Oh well. The berry second collab-writing. (:
Holaa. Hee. Greetings to eberyone.

[Lol. Just read the 'v' as 'b' :P]

If. I mean if. Haha. If only. [Oh, I remembered the mathematical reasoning chapter. I hate the 'if and only if'. LOL] If you are my big fans, lol, I mean you are following up my blog all the time, you'll know how much siblings mean to me. (:
I wrote hardly about them these years. [Cehh. These years.]

But now. I'm here to announce.
Hahaha. Please, Jay, go and get your tissue and make it wet. Don't be sad. It's just the collab.
I wanna make things different.
You are still my beloved sista okay bebeh! <3 <3 <3

Ohh. You must be wondering.
'Huh? So what are you going to tell me in this post? Tajuk dye siblings kann?!'
*Smash the keyboard and whatever. lol*

So, I think I should avoid things happen when you are wondering. I should break the suspense. Haha.
Here we go. I would like to share with you my childhood stories. (:
Long long time ago. Mummy and Daddy are always out-station [for working i think. Not so sure. I was having small, fat, and short little thumb that time. :P]
And Jay and I always spend our time at Granny's house.
[Well, Granny's not here anymore. :'( *mourning*]
We had great time there. Agree, Jay? (: *winkwink*

Okay. Straight to the point! Ladies and Gentlemen. I give you Maxine and Baby!

From the bottom of my heart. They are half siblings of mine.

Maxine is older 5 months than me. Well. She's 19 now. Pretty huh? YES SHE IS!
She's the one who has the fairest skin that I have ever met!
Ouh. Korean girl look laaa. :D
We can chit-chat for long long time. NON-STOP! :P

Baby should used to call me sister. :P I'm older about 8 months than him okay. Haha.
But we are in the same age. That's the fact. Hahaha.
We used to call him Baby. Don't ask 'Why?' with the trolled face. IDK! :D


Let me recall back years and years ago...

Maxine --> M
YY --> YY laaa. What else? -,-
Jay --> J
Baby --> B

*Knock knock knock on the door.*
B: Please let me in. [pity voice. lol]
M: CANNOT! You can't read the paper on the door? Boys are not allowed!
YY: Yes! Especially you!
J: Weh you guys don't be too harsh. Just let him in. [Jay's always the angel~]

Still don't understand what's happening?
3 girls locked themselves in a room.
They wrote 'BOYS ARE NOT ALLOWED' with their funny handwriting on a rough paper.
And stick it on the door knob.
3 girls. 1 boy.
Who will be bullied? XD
We love him, okay.
Luckily Baby still act like a boy instead of sissy that grows up with girls who playing barbie doll.
[He played Barbie doll with us before!]
4 of us always do silly activities together. I miss those moments. <3 <3

Sneaking out from the back door by carrying our own slippers to the back door.
Walking like rats or thieves maybe, hahaha, just to sneak out to buy some ice cream in hot days.
Well. Granda won't let us go out from the house. :P He'll knock our little head. Ouch. It's pain.
[Okay. Granda went away earlier than Granny. :'( *mourning*]

Time flies. We are 20, 19 and 18 now.
I'm so glad that we are still 'siblings' till now.
Great appreciation here.
I love you guys!
I'm here to tell you.
No matter what happens in the future. You are still my siblings ever!
[Shhh. Don't tell Jay and SuperBro. Ahak. :D]
Peace. (:

 22nd December, 2009 night. We got our christmas presents after the Danceland event.
4 of us. [clockwise, startting at 12 o'clock] YY, Maxine, Baby and Jay. (:

 Unfortunately. I failed to find a photo of 4 of us. Haizzz. 
So this is the latest photo we took together in a cousin's wedding. [Focus on the arrows!]

Here's the link for Jay's blog. Check it out what Miss Noisy-Dinny says about 'Siblings' (:
[If there's no link yet, that means Jay's busying with her stuff. I'll update with you when she'd done for her collab. Stay tuned! Love you! <3]

Mini Glutinous Rice Ball with Soy Milk!

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Alright! It'd been a long long time I didn't share recipes. Haha.
It's not always a good idea for me to share recipes here. I JUST SHARE MY FAVORITE FOOD!

Okay. This will be my second recipe here.
Last time I wrote about KIMCHI. [Click here to recall it.]
And this time, I would like to share with you all a home made dessert!

First of all, for all my Chinese buddies.
Ask yourself. Do you have rice ball [We called it 'tangyuan' in Mandarin] only ONCE a year?
You should eat more dear! (: It's nice!
You should trust me as I'm the person who hates rice ball before this, since I had a taste on this last week. (:

For my Muslim buddies. It's halal and safe! :D
Just try it out at home!
Well, FYI, it's a kind of traditional dessert of Chinese.
1 Malaysia bebeh. We should know the different cultures better.
I'm proud to be a Malaysian.

Okay. Stop the grumbling here.
Let's get started!
Oh. Can I write it in an experiment report? :P
Just to make a difference here. Haha. I miss lab reports.

PROBLEM STATEMENT : How can we prepare dessert in 10 minutes for the whole family?

AIM : To prepare a delicious dessert for the whole family in 10 minutes!

HYPOTHESIS : OMG! It's simple and delicious!

MANIPULATED - Using YY's recipe or your own recipe [yang entah pape] :P *just kidding!*
RESPONDING - Face expression of family members after eating the dessert / Time taken
CONSTANT - Use the same ingredient! :P

Mini Glutinous Rice Ball, soy milk, boiled water, cooking pot, stopwatch, Bunsen burner [LOL. The cooking gas I mean. -,-], ladle with holes, ladle without holes, bowls and spoons [for serving of course].

Sorry, you don't need any technique here. WARNING : This is a magic recipe. Even you are just capable for Maggee and Scrambled egg. It doesn't matter at all! It's simple and for everyone!

1. First, make sure you have all the ingredients. (: Let me remind you some of them.

 Okay. If you are a Muslim. Make sure the brand that you buy is halal. (: For safety. Oh oh oh. Make sure it's kept in freezer.

 It doesn't matter what kind of soy milk you are using. Marigold or Drinho, I don't care! It depends on you! :D

Oh well. These are the ladles I mentioned above. With holes. Without holes. XD

2. Boiled a pot of water. Remove Rice Balls from the freezer. DO NOT DEFROST! Boil the cute rice balls in the boiling water. (:

3. Push the rice balls with the back of a ladle. [Ta kesa laa mane mane. -,-] This is to prevent breakage and sticking.

4. When the rice balls float, they are ready to be served. :D Put it into bowls using the ladle without holes. [We don't need the boiling water anymore. (:] Put them aside.

5. Heat up the Soy Milk using a microwave. Okay. This step depends on yourself. If you are not interested in hot desserts, you may skip this step. [I'm the only one who skip this step in my family. Haahahaha. :D]

6. Pour the Soy Milk [heated or not] into the bowls with rice balls.

7. Have a bite!!!

OBSERVATION : Everyone is smiling at you! And look at the stopwatch! It's just 10-minute-process!

DISCUSSION : Anything to discuss with me, asking me questions or planning to argue, or even wanna have a fight with me on this. BRING IT ON BEBEH! Hahaha. Just leave a comment down there. (: I'll be pleased even you got a fighting invitation for me.

CONCLUSION : Hypothesis is accepted. Bhahahahahahaha :D

It's really save cost okay. You have to pay RM 4.50 for it in night markets for it!
So what are you waiting for? I'm not always sharing recipes here. So you should trust me. :P
Have a sweet bite. Hehehe.
I'd plan to make it for my Boyfriend-to-be in the future.
That's sweet. Auwww :D Peace.

Happy Baby Day - PART I

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You must be asking,
[Chill laaa. Budak HOT {Perghh, PANAS} mmg schedule full ye.]
So I'm here to update Miss Sensy for YOU, YOU and YOU!!!!! (:

Who didn't wish me or give me present for my Baby Day.
Hahaha. [Bajet je...]
Well, I don't think I should force you to wish me or giving me a gift.
Hurm, sing a song for me will be no harm I think. *TET* [Terasa tu angkat tangan.]
Hey, don't look at others. YES! I'm talking about YOU! YOU YOU YOU!. :P

On my baby day, I went on an outing with Baby~
Yes. The one I mentioned last time in my blog post. (:
Well, I just be allowed to go out by my own under one condition - stay with him [Baby].
So once again, WE WENT OUT! :D
How excited I was!

Check this out!

This is my City-Liner ticket! Check out the date! It's my Baby Day~ (:

And this is my Boss-Look at Mid Valley, waiting for my 'driver' to fetch me to the Baby Day celebration. XD

Alright, without any delaying, we just jump into the topic! The celebration! Weeeee~
At first, I would like to say, Hello, I'm not demanding the celebration and go to KL FOR the celebration okay. Haha.
It's just a coincidence that my 'special event' will be so close with my birthday. (:
After SuperBro [Yes, this is the driver I mentioned just now. Bhahahahaha :D] fetched me from Mid Valley. We were heading to Scott Garden! Fantastic place. New. Fresh. Cantik. Kemas. Nice. :P
The building is still new enough [some parts even still under construction, well, just the decoration part I think. (:] for the crowd. But it's awesome!
Check these photos we took. (:
There are Jay, SuperBro, Jessie and my beloved Baby. :P

Scott Garden at night. (:

Haaa. That's us in Scott Garden. Jangan jelezzzz. :P
And now, I really wanna shout : WE WENT SINGINGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!! :P
Hahaha. Well. YY loveeeeeeeeeeee to sing. 
Okay. Honestly. That was the first time I sing like I-don't-care-I'm-like-talking-more-than-singing in KBox. lol.
I swear. I was exhausted after the 3 hours. And that 12-minute-song. GO TO HELL! Damn tired weh!
Hahahaha. But I really enjoy it okay. (: Thanks to Jessie and SuperBro for the plan.


And this is the resit. I keep it! <3

The girls! XD We rock the world!

 Adoi. My face. [Hey. That's not alcohol on the desk!]

 Jessie and YY <3

 See the design! Unique! lol.
[Yes, I'm focusing on the design. Not YY and Baby. Hahaha.]

 SuperBro! <3

 Jay! <3

YY, after singing. :P

After the tiring session, it's time to make our stomach more comfortable. (:
We had our dinner at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng!

 Just acting like not looking at the camera. :P

 FYI, if you celebrate your birthday in Wong Kok on your big day, you'll get a free Asian Giant Size Hong Kong Ice Milk Tea! :D

Free Asian Giant Size Hong Kong Ice Milk Tea! <3 <3 <3

You can see the difference between Giant size and Dwarf size milk tea already. XD


 Forever Alone Party. Hahaha Actually is : OMG, I'm too full. lol

Love this picture the most! <3 <3 <3

I had a great birthday celebration there. 
I didn't expect these when I was heading to KL but then it's such a surprise for me from them.
18 years. The very first time celebrating birthday with siblings and going out with them and walking here and there.
I love you, guys! <3 Really sweet 18th for me. (: Appreciate!

Afterwards, due to there is no cakes at all on my birthday, I got a birthday cake surprise after I took my shower. (:

Chocolate Indulgence and Classic Cheese. (:

Last but not the least. I'm here to thanks those who give me presents [well, just a few of them actually], 200++ friends that gave me birthday wishes on facebook, and those who text or call me on my Baby Day. 
Appreciate. <3
I love you all. You are the one who color up my 18 years to make me happy, make me cry. (:

And on my first day of being 18, I would like to take a photo like a boss.  XD

LOL. Like a boss. Peace. (:

QNA? ♥♥♥

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QNA. Questions and Answers.

If there's a question, there's an answer.
What if the question doesn't have answers? Big Man told me, every questions can be answered.
It's life.
Yes, the answers are exist. But not every questions will be answered.
Let say, you are a fire-fighter. A Momma ask you how's her little daughter.
How do you wanna give her an answer if her little girl is gone, forever?

I love questions. But I don't like answers, in fact.
They make me sicked. 
Some questions SHOULD NOT be answered.
Some questions bring you back to the past.
Some questions just ruin your life.

"How are you doing, friend?"
"Hey, how's life in college?"
"Do you get bored there?"
"How's your studies?"
Since when, I feel so awkward when buddies asking me these.
Since I left them. In 2010.
Till now. Hanging out with them. We are asking questions. But feeling awkward to answer questions.
Everything's changed.
I feel the distance between us. Till now. No doubt.

"What's going on?"
What do you think about this question?
The person who is asking this is totally care about someone.
And then. There's no answers, at all.
That's what happening now. That's hurt.
Please do answer him/her when someone ask you this question.
Just a simply "I'm okay." will be just fine even though you are not okay at all or not feeling like wanna tell them anything.
But no ignoring! That's harsh. )':

What about those questions that bring you back to the past?
Sometimes, they are just terrifying.
People keep asking you the questions about incidents that you really don't wanna remember it.
Or you are asking the questions that open up your own scars.
Just take it as lessons and reminders for yourself, YY.
Everything's gonna be alright.
Big Man loves to care about His children.

I'm just a little bit tired for whole day facing the lappy, i guess.
Hmm, I wonder why am I so emotional today.
Get some rest if you are emotional reading this too.
I love you, DEAR YOU AND YOU and I really mean it.
Peace. :/