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As a teacher. As a tutor.

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Always wanted to write about this, but [I forgot who told me this] I couldn't update anything about the workplace on line/public, as it's against the contract [?] [Do we even have one?] Yep, about my first job. Ever. I think it's time to have a little sharing about it. Hmm, well, due to the 'confidential'-thingy-reason, I'm not gonna reveal the name of the workplace. =]


Alright. Let's start with...

After all the trips, and after the period of getting rotten at home, I finally got a green light from mum to work. At first, I was thinking about working at some places that are related to my future legal career, so that it'll be easier to 'color up' my CV in future. But, naa, YOLO me, I decided to do something that I wouldn't get the chance to do after I graduate as a LLB holder. Thanks to Jasmine, a few students of hers were looking for tutor for subjects like Accounting, Malay, Maths and Science. So yea, I accepted the job offer and started revising for those subjects that I learned decades ago. LOL. At the same time, was busy looking for adverts in the newspaper to look for jobs that are suitable for me. Got a car for work instead.[XiaoBai] YEAY. Went to a few interviews. End up working as a Kindergarten Teacher Assistant. Consider good pay, I guess? HAHA After a month, things are settled down finally. Successfully persuaded love to work with me together as tutor and kindergarten teacher assistant. YEAY. ---- April 2014

Met new people, learned new things. It's my first job ever, after all. [if the stint at law firm is not counted, I didn't get paid tho XD] Learned that boss is not always the correct one. Learned that things are not the same as they look. Learned that sometimes we can't follow every orders, even if we're told to do so. LOL [shits happen when you can't understand your boss] Learned that YY needs more patience and soft skills in dealing with complications at workplace. Learned that colleagues are like a big family when you really blend yourself in. Learned that sometimes I don't feel like going home after work, just to spend more time with my colleagues. Learned a lot of knowledge about nursery. Learned that I can be stronger if I am willing to try. Learned that, deep down there, I still enjoy spending time with kids. THEY ARE SIMPLE YET COMPLICATED.

Princess Danica. My sweetie pie. <3

Spent a lot of time with Vinn Yee after school. =]

The apple of my eye. <3 Moi.

Smart Xin Ying! <3

Didn't know that kindergarten children will have their field trips as well till I work here. Had great experience with them.

Always my favourite picture. <3

A rare class photo with Soo Zheng. =D

They were so excited in the bus!
Met Jeremy. The kid that gave me most memories. An autism patient. Couldn't form proper sentences when communicating. Knows a few Chinese words. Loves hugs. Loves radios. Loves English. Loves musics. Loves reading. My first experience taking care of an autism kid. My first thought was, 'Oh my, this is gonna be tough'. I was scared. Days by days, I know him better, and realized that how clever he is. I love to see him smiling to me and waving to everyone. I love to hold his hands and send him to his parents' car. I love to listen to him, reading books, word by word. I love to look at him, and ask him to wear his own shoes. I love to have him sleeping on my lap after a tiring field trip. I still remember the way he runs towards the innovation room. I still remember the way he refuses to wear his shoes before dismissals. I still remember his purple school bag and orange water tumbler. I know chasing after him, here and there, is tiring. I know it's hard to understand him. I couldn't spend longer time to get to know him deeper. But I am sincerely admiring his parents' patience and tolerance, especially Jeremy's father, sending him to school, almost every morning. If I were to say parents love are precious like jewels, I can be sure that theirs are at the level of diamond. Precious and rare. Jeremy, be a good boy always okay, Teacher Yin Yin loves you! *flying kiss that you love the most*

Jeremy drew me during dismissals. Cute drawing indeed! <3

Met bunch of lovely colleagues.
***Stephanie. My supervisor. Could be the best supervisor in the world. Before this, when I heard of the term 'supervisor', it means the strict mini boss that work under the big boss, which equals to 'scary'. HAHA, she's not scary, maybe sometimes. HAHAHAHAHA. She taught me a lot of things, no matter it is about children, education, daily life, bakery, cooking, anything, you name it. =D Glad to meet Steph over there. All the best, Steph. 安亲班快快来~ I can offer to be your legal consultant after I grad. HAHAHAHA
***Soot Ling. One of the 5yearold teacher. A young mum of 2 kiddos. Never fear to reveal her thoughts. Happy to work with you! And hey, saw your graduation photos recently! Congratulations! I know it's not easy to take SPM as a private candidate, and continue your studies on Early Childhood Education, plus you need to take care of the family at the same time. You're doing well, sis! Keep it up! Lots of love for you!
***Soo Zheng. Haha, the first thing that crossed my mind about her is about the late 80's topic. HAHAHA there was a time when SooZheng, Soot Ling, Mian and I were talking about age, we suddenly realized that she's the only 80's baby among us. Oh well. She doesn't look that old, honestly. Happy to work with you, really. I love to assist your class the most! [Don't tell Soot Ling laa XD] Hope that I can receive your wedding invitation card real soon! But if after I graduate lagi bagus laa. =]
Of course, there are others. Lovely colleagues everywhere. Guys! YinYin loves you all! Keep in touch, alright! All the best in your life, everyone of you. Greetings from London.

Was lucky enough to attend Ren's wedding and that was the first time wearing a saree to attend a wedding! The wedding dinner was awesome, and Ren looks incredibly beautiful! <3

Imagine that I was wearing this to a cafe in the middle of the night. XD

Stephanie in Punjabi suit. =D

Soot Ling, the one who dolled me up that  night. <3

Ren, the pretty bride of the night! =]

Date of the night! <3

For the first time in forever I celebrate Teachers Day as a TEACHER!

Ronan and Hannah! <3

Kinda sad and happy at the same time. That was my only Teachers Day card on that day. Aiya, assistant mar. XD
Besides working as teacher assistants, tutoring becomes another part of my life for that few months. Waking up early in the morning to work, and coming back in the afternoon. After taking a short nap, and mostly a rushing dinner [always oversleep XD], then we will need to rush to the students' house for tuition. My tuition students taught me a lot too. I finally understand that why Mummy/Jasmine was that tired. I always thought that giving tuition is an easy job, apparently it's not. I even fell asleep during some of the sessions. [I feel so sorry to the parents, but I can't help] Well, great experience tho.

Mummy said that I looked much older and more tired during that time[working], compared to how I look now. Haha. It was undeniably tiring. But it was an important phase of my life, indeed. It was my first time feeding myself on my own. I started to feel more responsible to myself. I learned to communicate better with strangers, and of course working together in a  team. As quoted, 'Team teaching, teachers!' [from Miss Rosmah] And it was a period that I get closer to love. I'm not talking about get closer physically, but from inside. Indeed. We stayed together and spent time together for the few months. Besides creating memories, we understand each other better. We accept more flaws, and found more shiny parts of our lives. We know we have something to cling on whenever necessary. Thanks for standing by my side all the time, no matter during ups or downs. Love you, love. XOXOXXX <---- more kisses, heeee

SAYING GOODBYE PHASE ----> End of July 2014
It's never easy to say good bye. Especially to those kids and colleagues, and of course, my tuition students. Gotta move towards the new phase, to get myself prepared to fly. Farewells, farewells are everywhere. XD No more words. Pictures. Last day of work yo. <3

SooZheng and SootLing <3

Teacher Ooi! <3

They actually organize a farewell dinner for Mian and I at Ala Damansara! =D An unforgettable night! Hope everyone is doing fine, no matter in study or work.

Gifts from Steph and Vinn Yee! <3

I love us. <3

Thanks for the farewells. Everyone of you will be remembered. Cheers.

Pens off. After the party. LOL I'm just tipsy, not drunk.

Brief Update?

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Time flies. It always do.
It'd been a year I never write any bits on Sensy.
Chuok said I should wait till her birthday and write a second birthday post for her.
Haha. Yea, if you realize, the previous post was about her birthday in 2013.

2014 is gonna end in a week plus? How dramatic it is, when I look back my own footprints.
I walked this far. THIS far.

After a few months break after graduation of A levels, after all the creating-memories-travelling with friends and love, I started to work. Yea, one of the reasons I never update Sensy. I worked. [Duhh, of course I know it's not an excuse XD] Been through ups and downs at workplace, met a bunch of lovely colleagues and students. Great memories indeed.

Quit the job in May, to get myself prepared to fly. Oops. Forgot to say about this. I'm currently studying in the University of Manchester. LAW. Hahaha. Oh well, just saying. Been to a lot of so-called final outings with friends and family before flight. Tears and joy were overlapping those days. Packing was such a headache for me, as usual. Well, it was a nightmare to everyone[not just me] this time. Imagine that we were packing for a leave for 3 years, and still, need to watch out for the weight limit ---> pain in my ass]. I really did hope that I can pack the whole house to the UK. LOL

Was still amazed by the beautiful sights everywhere here in the UK even after the 13 hours [STRAIGHT] of flight in darkness. [THAT WAS TERRIBLE] Jet-lag was a friend of mine for a week, or two. LOL I know, I'm too weak. I always get tired when it's night back in Malaysia during that period. [Aww HOMESICK] Didn't really talk much about my own feelings to friends and family at the beginning. It's just a way to show them that I'm fine over here. I know I can't hold back my tears whenever they asked 'How's life there' or 'When are you coming back'. I MISS HOME OKAY I REALLY DO. And I made up my mind! I'm coming home in summer 2015 okay! See you guys real soon! =D Just forget about stuff like I-wont-come-back-till-I-grad that I said. HAHAHA

Realized that I'm actually not who I think I am. Always said that I enjoy being with only myself. But deep down there, I know I can never face this world alone. Big fat thank you to those who [still] stay by my side, pushing me forward whenever I feel like escaping. And thanks to those who I met in this new land, you color up my new journey. I'm not an easy person. I always know that. But you guys made it. Thanks for the acceptance of the imperfect me. ChuokYing. Amber. Lynnie. Mao. Reddy. Karine. Jenny. Other friends from Sunway. Friends from Law school. Friends from the squad. Cindy. Will. Clement. Shubhika. Hui Wen. Last but not the least. Chun Yang. Glad to have all of you coloring up my journey in the UK, my 2014. [EH PLEASE, THE NAMES ARE NOT ACCORDING ORDERS/RANKS, SCREW THAT XD]

There come the first ever autumn and winter in my life. The leaves. The wind. The weather. The cold. The coats. The umbrellas. The boots. The language. The culture. The people. THE CURRENCY. I'm blending in well, love, no worries. =) Went to a few different cities, so far. OH HEY, I'M WRITING THIS POST IN LONDON NOW! Hello London! =D It's my first ever winter break! Winter is coming! Woohoo~ That's about it? Yea, brief, I know.


Long-lost YYin

XOXO, London

On the way to surprise ChuokYing in London. It's my first experience taking the train alone in the UK tho!