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Now only I know how it feels...
When you're alone, like 3 days, totally alone, you can really think of the most most god-damn negative story of yours, and invent the most emo quote you'd ever heard.
You'll flash back, what had you done for the past 18 years...
Listen to the musics that remind you a lot, like seriously a lot...
'Reason' in the rainy day, sounds awful huh?
Conclusion for these lonely 3-days : Don't study on your bed, you'll fall asleep!
Naa, nothing much to say. Ciaox! =P
Here's my favorite song to share with you! <3

P/S : Elmo loves me, so I love Elmo back! <3 Muackzzz!


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So, is Dr. Seuss correct? We all weird and searching for someone that weird like us huh? LOL
Oh well, this is not the topic in my sticky notes as well.
Let's talk about weird today.
The first thing I want you guys to do is. DEFINE WEIRD PLEASE!

Ughh. Well well well, for me, I seldom use this word to describe a person, if only you ARE that weird. LOL. Need to say out the name huh? Cannot laa. Not good not good. LOL. Okay, I give you clues. Wokay, there's a guy that introduce his friend as "a weird friend" but at the same time people told me he's weird. LOL. THAT'S WEIRD!

Well, today, they said I'm weird. Hmm. I'm not sad. Just... Why that word? =/ It's not a good word for me. It's like I'm not normal as others [well, I'm not that normal as well. LOL] But I just don't like the feeling that I'm not in the same species like you all and I'm different compared to anyone, you know... Same case like I won't tell you what nonsense I did [unless you're karine or daphne. LOL] because I want to be treated as the others. =( I don't like that feeling...

Am I that weird? I talked too much these days? I annoyed you these days? I'm too needy, clingy, and whiny? LOL. I have 2 eyes, 1 nose, 1 mouth, 2 ears. I'm not weird. I want to be part of you guys. I don't need extra love and care. I don't need any extra food compared to others, you know. I have only 1 stomach. LOLOLOL. Okay, I know sometimes I'll nag about same thing like... non-stop? Ughh. I just love to talk. I love to share things, this is what Daphne said. BUT SERIOUSLY, I LOVE TO TALK, A LOT. I don't care that if I have absolutely nothing to talk to you, I just wanna talk to you. Isn't that lovely when people willingly listen to your stories... I love that feeling. Even it's just a stupid timeline that what time I woke up and slept back during the night, I'll still share with others. I just feel like sharing. It's fun. Is that weird? For you? You tell me. ='(

I'm a sensitive girl. I have to admit this. Mmm hmm. I'll cry over touching movies even animations with touching scenes or stories. Yea, I know it's not real enough for you to cry, but, yea, they made me cry... I'll cry when reading sad stories or sad news. I get touched easily with small act, even it's not meant for me but others. And I enjoy reading long long messages from my sister and can cry over and over again whenever I re-read it over and over again. I interpret people's sentence very carefully. And yes, every single sentence, word by word. I'm sensitive with people's respond or face expressions and I do believe how people look at you, can tell everything. I can get pissed off easily, just because I care about what the person that I really care did to me. I'm that sensitive. Is that weird? For you?

I can't decide things [even for small small things like what to eat LOL] and I'll get headache when I have to decide things in short time period. I'm always the last one to order when everyone is starving and complaining about why I take so long to choose what to eat. [Sorry guys.... LOL] I can't decide what I like, but I do decide what I don't like all the time. LOL. It's like I can answer the question "What is the food you don't like" instead of "What is your favourite food". Okay, let's move to bigger things. I cant decide what to study after A levels. =/ this is the worst. Everyone around me knows what they want, except me. I can't decide whether I really have a crush on a guy that has a crush on me. LOL Isn't that funny? That's why I need to find a partner that really can save me from making decisions. Oh BigMan, send THIS guy to me pleeeeeaaaaassseeeee. I JUST CAN'T DECIDE AND YOU DON'T ASK ME WHY?! I HAVE NO IDEA! Is that weird? For you?

Okay. You just tell me. Am I weird? After telling you guys these? AM I THAT WEIRD? Now I feel like It's weird not to be weird. HAHAHAHA =D

#Can you just find another word to describe people instead of... WEIRD?

Ah. I think I have to stop my mumbling here. LOL. Good night peeps. Not emo-ing. Just expressing everything out, from here. --------------->   <3

I'm not THAT perfect

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Well, I'd accumulated a lot of topics that I wanna talk in Sensy, but due to the laziness. AGAIN. I didn't even update and just leave those topics on my sticky notes. LOL
However, I am now updating Sensy for the sake of de-Feeling to update Sensy EAGERLY but not about any topics that I wrote in my sticky notes.

Before I start my story, I wanna tell the world A FEW THINGS,

Long long time ago, there's a girl born with no front teeth. She always get jelly with the rabbits because they have big, fat, front teeth that can eat carrots easily. LOL. Friends tease her. [Uggh. I don't like this.] And this becomes an issue. Whenever people around her talk about her missing front teeth, she'll get down. LIKE SERIOUSLY DOWN. At last, she made up her mind, she will never smile to anyone again in her life. [Ah, that's sad.] Well, you know right, when you stop smiling at people and give them the you-owe-me-10-bucks-face, guess what, you won't get friends, even one or even half. LOL. Don't talk about photos. She will never take photos anymore. Whose fault you tell me. Whose fault. Is it her fault to miss out the front teeth?! Is it her parents' fault who passed down the genes?! Is it their fault?! YOU TELL ME!

I'm not angry now. Hmm. I just realized that, when I made up my mind few years ago, that I will never ever ever ever ever wear short pants in my life, that's what I think, like the girl. [If you asked me why, means you want me to show you my mid-fingerS. -,-] I just can't stand and I have no idea what and how to respond when there are people asking you about this. If I were still the "me" like two years ago, I'll break down and cry, or flip the table or something else. LOL. Surprisingly, today, I didn't.

I have eyes to see the world. [brown color some more, everyone envy you know! XD]
I have nose to smell the world. [Ah, my nose very ugly. -,-]
I have mouth to speak to the world. [Yea, I have big big voice.]
I have hands to play with the world. [Piano!]
I have legs to walk around the world. [At least I can walk. :O]

What else you want from HIM?
Pretty face? I'm satisfied now. TEEHEE. Intelligent brain? Err, this one, I prefer my stupid cute little brain that love to think stupid things now. LOL. [And mummy says too-smart girls make guys feeling stress HAHA] Bunch of fans? NYEH. I have bunch of FRIENDS.  That's more than enough. =D

I'd changed over years, I guess, at least not THAT sensitive anymore like before.
Happy for me? Do you? Do you? XD
But BigMan, I need more confidence. =/ I just can't bear with it when someone that I really cherish A LOT do/say the things that I... [can I use the word "HATE"?]
However, no matter how much I like you, If you can't love the worst of me, you don't deserve the best of me. I'm going to remain everything unchanged till the end.
Oh, you don't like it? GET LOST.