The very last day. 051211.

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[Warning. This post will be PHOTOS > WORDS.]

After the Bio papers. Everyone was excited like hell.
But not for those Account and Art students since our papers haven't finish yet.
And now, the story is all about the Account classmates. (:
However, I missed a few days of revision with them.
I just got the chance to be with them for the last day of revision.
I went back home. Huh. [Okay. Not because of HOMESICK. You can't use this word on me.]
SO, I went back to college on 041211. Early in the morning. :)
Everyone was like 'Hey, YY's back!'. Happy to see them.

Okay. That's us.

Shaz, I menti. She's better than me. I always feel like this. (:

Chatting with Taqi during revisions is a must. He's awesome. :D

Err. He's smart. That's what I can say about him. Hee. Derrrr. XD

Okayy. Ayin is our Account class monitor. He loves food. Everyone knows that. (:

Supper during revision class. ;P

See. I told you. My menti is teaching others. :D

Same shirt man. Whoa! XD

It accompanied me during the very last revision night at Serting. Cherish. Credits to Airry :)

After this. Jeng jeng jeng. Hmm. Here comes our big big day.
It's Account Day!
How exciting we are!
It was the last day we are wearing the school uniform in MJSC Serting.

Sah, means 'certified' in English. She's the one who sahknn our answers. Cool. XD

Amie, the legend killer. Ooops, Amie the tough girl. She's the one wearing the same shirt with me last night. =P

Airry, the IPOD owner. He took photo with me twice, just because he don't know what face to show. Cute. XD

Iman, the girl with big big Accountant dream. Iman, you'll do great. (:

Sakinah, the Dorrie fish in 'Finding Nemo'. Ahha. Well, I just think that they look alike. =P Oh ya, She's intelligent and sweeeeeeeeet.

I love MISU! Okayy, she's kind and always by my side whenever I was depressed. (:

Meet Zee the Cutie! She's damn adorable! Whoa! XD

Meet Raimi the France. I never expect I'll have a Frenchie friend like him. Well, he's a bit bossy. Grrrrr.

Fahmi the Abang Long, he got a long scar on his face. And I asked him how he got it bravely finally on the last day at MJSC Serting (:

Account A++! XD

Meet FarraFizz, the hardworking. (:

Meet Muhammad. See, I told you, braces are adorable =P

Ahmas, the shuffler! Okay, I've no idea why they call him this >,<

Okay, he's asking me questions on the cover page. FAKE. =,=
[muke lagi lhh ta leh bla.]

Last but not the least, meet Milan the charming! Oops, he's sweet. Aww.

And this will be the add-on. Meet YY the sweetie. =P

After the paper, I got a little talk from the invigilator. Just because of bringing my Nikon baby to the exam hall.
[Alright, I know I'm wrong. But who cares! It's my last paper! Whoa! XD]

In the hall! (:

I hate this countdown board. No doubt. Hee.

Byebye Abang But [One of our neighbours in the AAB dorm].
'But' stands for BUTA. He's blind!

My very last photo in AAB. Cherish everything happened here. (:

Met Uncle, Auntie and Sisters. Comfortable. [But nervous. Ahha.]
And you just keep laughing at me. =,= lol.

I miss you MJSC Serting. :)

Pens off. (:

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