Broken Friendship?

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Hurm, I can't really define a friend these days.
Just feeling like, "What's that?"
Pfft. Trust me. You won't like that feeling.

Yes. Two years ago. I chose to leave.
I made the choice.
Is it the most forgivable reason to be forgotten?
Oh please. How dirt cheap is it our friendship?
They keep telling me,
"Oh hey, don't be so negative thinking, they never forget you!"
Oh well well well, I guess so. They never forget me.
At least can recognize me in the wet market after I married huh? XD
What I'm trying to say is, they remember me in their mind.
But not keeping in heart.

Maybe you are right.
It's all my fault. My bad.
My bad to leave the school.
My bad to leave people I called them "friends" before this.
My bad to leave your school life. YOURS.
But when I try to get back and play a role in your stories.
Did you give me that chance? Did you?
A thank you for those who will answer "YES".
For those who will be like answering "I guess so" after thinking damn deeply,
I'll tell you what, "IT'S OKAY, BTW I'M LEAVING"

No no no. Don't get me wrong.
I'm not in an angry mood.
I just don't want to interrupt your stories.
I don't want to be the Snow White eating apples in Rapunzel's tower.

Your stories are great. But they are not mine. So I'm going to create mine. =)


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