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Time flies. It always do.
It'd been a year I never write any bits on Sensy.
Chuok said I should wait till her birthday and write a second birthday post for her.
Haha. Yea, if you realize, the previous post was about her birthday in 2013.

2014 is gonna end in a week plus? How dramatic it is, when I look back my own footprints.
I walked this far. THIS far.

After a few months break after graduation of A levels, after all the creating-memories-travelling with friends and love, I started to work. Yea, one of the reasons I never update Sensy. I worked. [Duhh, of course I know it's not an excuse XD] Been through ups and downs at workplace, met a bunch of lovely colleagues and students. Great memories indeed.

Quit the job in May, to get myself prepared to fly. Oops. Forgot to say about this. I'm currently studying in the University of Manchester. LAW. Hahaha. Oh well, just saying. Been to a lot of so-called final outings with friends and family before flight. Tears and joy were overlapping those days. Packing was such a headache for me, as usual. Well, it was a nightmare to everyone[not just me] this time. Imagine that we were packing for a leave for 3 years, and still, need to watch out for the weight limit ---> pain in my ass]. I really did hope that I can pack the whole house to the UK. LOL

Was still amazed by the beautiful sights everywhere here in the UK even after the 13 hours [STRAIGHT] of flight in darkness. [THAT WAS TERRIBLE] Jet-lag was a friend of mine for a week, or two. LOL I know, I'm too weak. I always get tired when it's night back in Malaysia during that period. [Aww HOMESICK] Didn't really talk much about my own feelings to friends and family at the beginning. It's just a way to show them that I'm fine over here. I know I can't hold back my tears whenever they asked 'How's life there' or 'When are you coming back'. I MISS HOME OKAY I REALLY DO. And I made up my mind! I'm coming home in summer 2015 okay! See you guys real soon! =D Just forget about stuff like I-wont-come-back-till-I-grad that I said. HAHAHA

Realized that I'm actually not who I think I am. Always said that I enjoy being with only myself. But deep down there, I know I can never face this world alone. Big fat thank you to those who [still] stay by my side, pushing me forward whenever I feel like escaping. And thanks to those who I met in this new land, you color up my new journey. I'm not an easy person. I always know that. But you guys made it. Thanks for the acceptance of the imperfect me. ChuokYing. Amber. Lynnie. Mao. Reddy. Karine. Jenny. Other friends from Sunway. Friends from Law school. Friends from the squad. Cindy. Will. Clement. Shubhika. Hui Wen. Last but not the least. Chun Yang. Glad to have all of you coloring up my journey in the UK, my 2014. [EH PLEASE, THE NAMES ARE NOT ACCORDING ORDERS/RANKS, SCREW THAT XD]

There come the first ever autumn and winter in my life. The leaves. The wind. The weather. The cold. The coats. The umbrellas. The boots. The language. The culture. The people. THE CURRENCY. I'm blending in well, love, no worries. =) Went to a few different cities, so far. OH HEY, I'M WRITING THIS POST IN LONDON NOW! Hello London! =D It's my first ever winter break! Winter is coming! Woohoo~ That's about it? Yea, brief, I know.


Long-lost YYin

XOXO, London

On the way to surprise ChuokYing in London. It's my first experience taking the train alone in the UK tho!

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