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Ok ok... this will be my very first post here...
This will be a great challenge for me as I decided blogging in English!
GoD blessed... there'll no any grammar or spelling mistakes...
If there is, please kindly remind me... [Blog more, Learn more] :)
*It's the MILO ads slogan... Play more, Learn more... hehe... =,=*

I do hope i can improve my English with such way then...:)
Unlike those who have broken English skill but still wanna show everyone that they do blogging in English by translating their article from Chinese into English using Google translate [fake =,=]

Hello, even the one who can only read English well [not write... totally diff k...] can sense it!
No one will blame you if you do blogging in Chinese...=,=
alright... alright... the moral value of the story is...

Ok... back to the main point...
We all know that every one has 5 senses...
[provided they are not lucky enough to be either blind or deaf... :-( ]

How come 7th sense?!
That's right... it's the 7th sense that made the Homo sapiens sp. to 'transformed' into Homo Imaginative Sapiens!!!
Our seventh sense in the 'imagination'!
it helps one to climb from a simple villa to the peak of mountain... :)

I love imagine...
And that's why the blog named... :)
I'm going to share all my feelings, imaginations, and of course, my life journey here...

Get set, GO~ *weeeee~*

P/S: Click here to know more about our seventh sense! yeayy~!

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