I know it's a bit late. Graduation! :D

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[This is a damn late post. Hehe. I'm forgiven?]

It's damn exciting!
Well, maybe it's just an ordinary event for those ex-MJSC students. But not for me!

I'll start from the rehearsal.
Okay. This is annoying.
All the Form 5 students wait for the Form 3 students for more than an hour. WTH.
I feel like crying when they reach. Due to the stress of SPM maybe.
[Imagine that we cancelled our morning slots just for the rehearsal. Hmm.]

Okay. Put those annoying thingy aside. These are the photos. :)

Meet Fikri the baby :)

The fan the fan. XD

On the BIG day. I was so excited. And Wane [my roommate] sponsored me a baju kurung with songket. Hehe. Well. No matter what event, there must be someone to sponsor me the costume. Ahha. That's what HOT person defined.

I'm not going to describe the ceremony. I can just tell you that. I'M SO EXCITED!

YY in the sponsored baju kurung :)

You can see 'excited' on my face. :D

Tell me I'm smart in this wear! :)

Meet Haris the Mr. Purrrfect. (:

I'm cute. =p

Photos of the day!! XD

Meet Shaz the adorable dolly!

Daddy. Thanks for attending. (: Cherish.

Flowers and Chocs.
[Okay Shaf. The flower is not from you actually. Btw thanks. (: ]

P/S: Amie. You gonna be strong. And so do I. You are always our idol! :)

Pens off.

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