The WAR is counting, 3.

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[This is a late post. Written on 12/12/2011]

3 days before the war.
It's a special day for me (:
Look at the date! So inspiring.
3 days more to go. I just can't believe this.
I'm going to end up my secondary education in a month!

Lap 1 :

First of all, it's birthday of some one today!
How lucky she is to have such date of birth.
Just like mine! :)


Wane, my roommate since 2011.
My best friend ever in college.
Well, although there's some conflicts between us sometimes,
but our friendship never die! (:
Happy birthday Wane. Hope the chocolates color up your day!

Wane was accompanying me to the koperasi to buy her own surprising birthday present.
[Err, is it still considered a 'surprise' huh ? ]

Lap 2 :

Since we, the Form 5 warriors are going to take our position in the biggest war in our history.
Forgiveness on every single mistakes from the others is a must.
Teachers had cleared up the morning slots for us to meet teachers and staffs.
Seeking for forgiveness and hoping them to join along and pray for our success. :)

What's playing in my mind when the session is going smooth is,
YY is going to leave these people after the interaction within 2 years in MJSC.
It's quite a sad separation.
Even the Cleaner Auntie became our friend.
Auntie's in Cafe the Sanggar, Lab Assistants, Clerks in the office, and last but not the least, teachers.
I'm going to miss them a lot. :(

All teachers and staffs,
94 babies would not let you all down.
We'll create our biggest history for MJSC Serting!

Behind the scene.
YY : Sir, forgive me if I did something annoyed Sir these 2 years.
Sir : Such as? Sleeping under the lab desk?
YY : [Lol. Sir still remember this. =,=] Hehe. Everything Sir.
Sir : Wait. [He chased all the boys away and talk to the girls.]
Sir : Look at you. You all have similarities.
YY : [Confused.] Huh?
Sir : Okay. i'm telling you this. I'm teaching Biology okay. So. I know this very well. Do you notice that your hormone become unstable due to the stress? Don't stress up yourself, girls!
YY : Thank you for the advice Sir. [Darn. Oh Big Man. Embarassed.]

Lap 3 :

Today is a special day. Ustaz Hai has something for me. Through my lovely roommates. (:
Thank you everyone who cares about me.
May Big Man shower us with His blessings.

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