I'm sorry.

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What's wrong with me.
I'm freaking out here.
Everything is out of its lane.
Like the train out of its railway.

What the hell I did.
Why everything around me is changing?
Friends are leaving.
He's leaving.
Big Man is forgetting.
I'm punishing myself?
On every single mistakes that I've done?

Meme told me it's normal.
She said I'm growing up to another stage.
Really? Is it?
She said be positive!
This time. You will know him and them better.
You will know what friends think about you.
You will know what you need from him.
You will know what he actually expect from you.

Maybe she's right.
But Big Man. I'm sorry. I need you to give me some time.
Mummy always says that I'm an analytical person.
But I really need time to do analysis this time.

I feel. Helpless. Lonely. Tired. Exhausted. And. Hopeless.

Pens off.

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