The WAR is counting, 2.

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[This is a late post.]

2 days before the war.
It's another angel's birthday today!


Piano angel, my piano teacher since 2000.
I started my piano lessons in 2000 and graduated in 2009.
10 years. I met this angel 10 years ago.
It's not 10 seconds, 10 minutes, 10 days, but 10 YEARS!
I'd been so long I didn't contact her.
And I rang her up at tonight.

Tut tut... tut tut...
[I never forget the phone number of hers, since it'd been 10 years I wan calling the same number to rearrange my piano lessons schedule. (: ]

Angel : Hello...
YY : Happy Birthday Teacher!
Angel : Thank you (: [She's smiling. I KNOW.]
YY : Teacher. You know who am I?
Angel : YinYin. How can I forget your naughty voice?
YY : [Oh Big Man! ] It'd been few years you didn't hear this voice but you can still remember.
Angel : Preparing for the war?
YY : Yepp. But never forget your birthday. [YH reminds me actually. Hehe.]
Angel : Alright alright. Do your best okay. Let's meet after your SPM. (: [She smiled, again. I KNOW.]
YY : Alright Teacher. Happy Birthday!

*Conversation is edited.

HB teacher. i never forget every single moment during piano practical or theory lessons.
It's the sweet bitter memories that never can be rubbed off. I cherish it (:
I love you, piano angel.


2 days to go.
How excited it is to look at the countdown board.
Showing number '2' on it.
Are we ready?
How sure we are?
Nobody knows. We just believe in ourselves. (:
94 babies would not letting anyone down!
Parents, Teachers, Staffs, and Big Man.
We are the tough babies!
Tough things do not last, but tough babies do!

2 days to go.
Pens off.

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