Any excitement left?

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Nowadays. Technology is playing important roles.
i-Pad, iPhone, smart-phones, or maybe just a simple cell phone.
They are just replacing thousands and thousands of letter-papers, stamps, envelopes.
What's left behind?
Feeling cool that people that don't know each other at all [pun] can contact?
Feeling super that people keep in touch by sweeping fingers on the glass-like-or-plastic-or-whatever-material-like-screen? [Touch screen I mean. -,-]
The truth is, there's no excitement left behind, but just fast and simple life.
No more love letters confessing the love truly from the heart just like 'Where Rainbows End'.
[I'd read that novel up to 4 or 5 times.]
No more excited lovers waiting for letters from their partner every time the postmen passed by.
No more sincerity between lovers when you can have thousands and thousands of partners using technology.
For those 'multiple-task-players'. lol. I must call you this, bastard.
Facebook and Twitter or whatever, they are 'helping' people to build up 'self-confidence' as everyone can be friends! No matter who! Even a good-samaritan-looking guy can tell you that he's single and he's madly in love with another girlS. Emphasize on the 'S'. lol.
Surprisingly, there's no any excitement left.
I'm sorry to say that.
I'm feeling weird here.
What kind of relationship is this and people still going on although it's damn fucking weird?!
For those who feels like OMG-is-she-talking-about-me, give me a call when you feel free and I'll tell you is it true before I kick your ass. -,-

Again, I repeat, there's no any excitement left.
Why am I writing about this here? I'm just feeling weird for this moment.

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