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[This is a late post. Apologize. :/]

I logged in my Facebook like usual, checked on notifications like usual.
Then, *POP!* I saw an interesting notification.
[okay, there's no any sound when something popped-out, I know. -,- ]

I knew a new friend few days ago. (: Sab is her name. Sweet girl, tho. <3
She's an ex-student of the previous college of mine and had transferred to better college when she's in upper secondary, while I get into the college that she left when I was in my upper secondary.
Sounds complicated? Hahaha.
Repeating a few times will help you to understand better (:

She was asking me about snowflake dessert via my profile picture in Facebook and my previous blog post.
Credits to Snowflake. I made a new friend.
I would like to take this opportunity to spread this news.
So after this, I won't be confused to bring you guys to dine in there and have a bite! :D
Call my 'hotline' to reserve for appointments kay. [Haha, my schedule is quite full. :D]
Okay. Back to the topic. Sab is so lovely that she wrote a post in her blog to share the story about me and snowflake. How sweet she is.

Okay. Just imagine that. We just get to know each other better and she does appreciate me!
I love you, Sab!
No need to thank me for the Snowflake-is-Halal info, no any big deal to ask for it. (:
Seriously touched by her blog post that full of my photos with Snowflake.
I like it very much Sab. (:
Here's the lovely post. Hey buddies, check it out! O,o

And this is the post that I wrote on Snowflake's Wall on FaceBook. (:

And last but not least, meet Sab here and follow her bloggie when you feel free (:

Due to the private setting of her Facebook profile, I just grabbed one of her photos from her bloggie.
I still remember I commented this blog post [about make-up] with Anonymous identity since Miss Sensy haven't turn public yet that time. Hahaha. Meet Sab, the cute one. Peace. (:

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