Beauty and the Beast?

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Feeling weird that I'm updating Miss Sensy once a day? Surprisingly. Haha.
What to do. I'm bored with the Foundation in Domestic Engineering at home :D

What cross your mind when you hear people talking about 'Beauty and the Beast' [Let's call it B&B]?
It's not a story like 'Red Riding Hood' or 'Snow White' that everyone know the plot of the story.
If you are asked to tell the whole story [B&B] without referring anything, can you do that?
Haha. 90% of you can't! I'm one of them in the 90%. Hahaha.
Google it if you really have no idea about it, my dear. Haha.
Today, I'm here to tell you B&B with YY's version. (: Peace.

Once upon a time, there's a handsome boy, living in a farmhouse. Alone.
A wicked witch had turned him into a Pikachu-cosplay-beast. In short, we called it PikaBeast. :D
[Just can't stop laughing as I'm typing these. XD]
The witch told him that he can only find a queen that truly love him, despite his Pikachu-look, then he will return to his appearance as the queen wish to.
PikaBeast felt very nervous as he doesn't know how to find such queen in this world.
One day, he read an advertisement on the newspaper.
"Love Helper", oh, it's the title of the advertisement. :D
[YY, what story is this? :D]
PikaBeast called the number on it, without any delay.
*Ring ring...* YY picked up the phone.

"Hello~ Love Helper is here."
"Hi, I'm searching for a queen, can you help me?"
"Oh, of course. BTW, here's a date for you. There's a queen in the castle that need a slave. Go and try to apply the job. FYI, the queen's hobby is asking her slaves thousands of questions. Bhahahaha... *evil laugh* Good luck PikaBeast."

[Okay, seriously I'm smiling when I'm typing this story. :D]

PikaBeast applied the job of the 'answering-machine-slave'.
His job is to answer every questions from the queen. [Nonsense huh? :D]
After a week, the queen was so impressed with PikaBeast, as no one answered so damn fucking a lot of questions before PikaBeast.
However, PikaBeast felt very lifeless in the castle. He missed his farmhouse.
So he asked the queen to allow him to go back to his farmhouse for a week.
He promised he will go back to the queen on time, otherwise he will be cooked as supper for the queen like the former slaves. :D [What kind of queen is that?!]

As PikaBeast reached home, he logged in his facebook and updated his status.
"The queen loves my answers. (:"
PikaBeast's best friend, named Cigar [lol, melalut dhh.] felt jealous to him and planned to make PikaBeast to break his promise towards the queen so that the queen will get mad and eat him up.
Cigar invited PikaBeast to hang out. They chit chat chit chat until 7 days passed them by.
PikaBeast didn't realize that he had met up Cigar for 7 days. He broke his promise.
Cigar felt very happy and burnt himself with a flame and evil laugh. [Like YY, the Love Helper :D]
PikaBeast missed the queen very much.
So he turned on his Skype to have a video call with the queen.
He saw the queen lying half-dead of heartbreak beside the roses bush in the castle.
PikaBeast returned to the queen immediately.
The queen told PikaBeast that she had fallen in love with him, especially with his Pikachu-look.
She told PikaBeast that there's an evil witch that cursed her N years ago.
After the curse from the witch, the queen became ask-holic.
If she didn't ask questions for one day, she'll lying half dead and die with an ugly look.
In the end of the story, PikaBeast putus kawan with Cigar for ever and ever.
Of course, PikaBeast kissed the queen.
BTW, he didn't return into handsome boy because the queen doesn't wish to.
And they lived happily ever after. XD

That's my version. How about yours? Hahahahaha :D

That's what I did whenever I'm bored. Damn fucking random and stupid fairy tale. Haha. Peace.

P/S: Story specially for YOU, YOU and YOU. <3 Haha.


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