Here I Come Bebeh!

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Just a little update post here. (:
Went to KL [again], but this time with parents and meet SuperBro and Jay there.
This time, I just camwhore all the time since no one wanna join me. -,-

Highlights for today :
- Mid Valley's Snowflake <3
- Ikea's Sweden Meatballs. [NyumNyumNyum :D]

 SuperBro with the Japan Ice-cream. (:

 Snowflake! <3

Well, this is a random take. Jay's gonna kill me for this! :D

 Sweden Meatballs! Hahaha :D NyumNyum.

 Apple pie as dessert. (:

 Chick. -,-

Salmon maybe. I'd forgotten what's its name. -,-

Actually, I don't have much to update. Just to share a story of mine here. (:
Yesterday night, after watching a movie with Jay and Jessie, when it's time for bed, hell, this is what I feel.
With bergolek-golek on the bed, finding a most comfortable position, my heart was like dup-dap-dup-dap.
Non-stop. Hell. -,-
Rase tak sedap hati laaa senang cter. 
The next morning. Ahak. There's another pimple on my forehead. *Welcome, new member. -,- lol*
On the way to IKEA. Perghh. 
Suddenly I experienced a weird feeling that only girls know but none of a boy knows.
Get what I mean?
PMS [Pre-menstrual syndrome ye, FYI.] rupenye. -,- No wonder laaaaa. 
Luckily there's a machine selling sanitary pad at IKEA. 
[In the female toilet, of course.]
That was my first time buying that thingy via a machine, okay?! Stylo dohh. -,-
Okay, that's the end of my story.
The moral value of the story is. Do make your Ovulation Timetable, girls! Hahaha.
Sounds weird. I mean Period Timetable. Haha. So you won't get nervous or helpless when you *tet* at public places. (:
For boys, please considerate about your little girl. Treat her like a queen during her period.
When she's telling you she's feeling worried or tak tenang hati or something else. Please beware.
Let her to have a happy period. :D 
[C'mon, just a few days for her to be damn fucking moody! :D]

Hey hey hey. I'm here to share you a video. She's awesome! I'm her little fans. (:
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Maria Elena! <3

Pens off. Peace. (:


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