Amazing trip with siblings... Day 1

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Amazing trip with siblings <3 Day 1

Early, early, early in the morning, my alarm rang. -,- 6.00am, 10 February 2012.
I felt exciting and on top of the world and.... No, punye laaa ngantokkkk. -,-
I woke myself up and walked into Jay's room with zombie's step. Haha.
Guess what? I slept again on Jay's bed until 7am. lol.

Ok, let's skip the cleaning-ourselves part.
Ohh, and the part that Jay and I recorded the song of our cover for the last time before she's going back to UM.

When all the members [sounds like many of us, right? Padahal just three of us. -,-] of the Amazing Trip gathered at the Bus Station, everyone was excited.
I would like to introduce the three of us. (:

YY in the blue shirt, meet Baby in the white shirt, and Jay with the flowers! (:

Baby and I was really excited as this was the first time that we travel to somewhere by bus and ktm by ourselves, you know, without parents. :D
Check our excited look here. <3

That's us on the bus! (:

There's a peanut boy disturbing Baby in the bus.
Why am I calling him peanut? Look at his head. Peanut. Hahaha.

We took City-Liner to Seremban then to Mid Valley by KTM. 
When we just reached Mid, Baby told me he saw someone he knows. Guess who!

That's my babies! Alice [centre], Eling [the one with legging], TaiTai [with specky] and Hon [in black shirt].

I admit that, after coming back from college, I feel so far away from these old friends.
Sometimes I just wanna ignore them when they date me. [My bad. :/]
Sorry, I just don't know how to face you all.
There's no much left for us to talk and gossip about. ):
But, the fact is, you are always in my heart, friends.
I can't describe how I feel when I met you guys accidentally at KTM station.
That's really cool! No doubt! (:

Well, after that, We had our lunch at KFC.
You must been asking about that KFC's incident, right?
NO WAY, I want my chicken. -,- No matter what, I won't boycott KFC when I want the chicken.
Hahahaha. :D 

JD in the Boycotted KFC. Look at the eyes! [We need rest. lol. -,-]

After the KFC session, just because we need to wait for SuperBro to fetch us, We got McD session somemore.
Hey, I got a story to tell. -,- Never miss it out okay.
As it was lunch hour when we reached McD, damn a lot of people there. Full seated. Haha.
So, I was wandering around to find plugs for Jay's lappy because we knew that we will be seated in McD for a few hours. :D 
Then, I'd spotted a place with plugs but there's 3 nurse-liked-dressed 'juicy' lady eating there.
Okay, that's rude watching people eating. But what to do. I need that place!
Jay and I waited for that 3 juicy lady for half an hour, maybe, with those bags somemore. Perghh.
THEN, when we just got to that place, guess what?! Someone sat on that place already. Ggrrrrr. >,<
That's the end of the story. Lame. 

YY in McD. (: [Double lunch that day, hohoho.]

Alright, here comes the highlight of the day!
'Fist of Dragon' Grand Premiere at Pavilion!!!! Awwww. :D

Ah Hui and the damn handsome Monday! OMG!
This is the first time for me to attend a Grand Premiere Movie. 
A big thank you to Jessie and SuperBro!
And luckily, I got an opportunity to take photos with 林静苗!
Ohh, I can't forget her quote. (:
Want a review for the movie?
It's cool. The action director had done his great job, but, well, the story is like so-so. Hahaha. :D
But no worries! It's still worth to have a watch! (:

Fist of Dragon. (:

Another highlight of the day is UNITED BUDDY BEAR! (:
According to Mr. Wiki,

Buddy Bears are a series of painted, life-size fibreglass bear sculpture originally developed in Berlin, Germany. 

However, the two concepts Buddy Bear and United Buddy Bears stand for two very different types of activity. Well, I would like to skip the Buddy Bear's part. Ask Mr. Wiki when you feel free about it. (:
The United Buddy Bears are primarily about their message - a message of peace, international understanding and and tolerance among the nations, cultures and religions of this world.

Mr. Wiki showed me the place where United Buddy Bears Exhibition held since 2010 till 2012.
It's Malaysia's turn! XD Awww.

This is the photo that Mr. Wiki took. Hahaha.

And here's mine! (: [You tell me, who has the better skill. (:]
The winner is me, no doubt. :D

And then, the end of the day.
Tiring but exciting. (:

Don't go anywhere, stay tuned! XD

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