Amazing Trip with Siblings... Day 2

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Amazing Trip with Siblings <3 Day 2

I'm glad you are staying on tune! Love you. (:
Alright, what's the highlight for the second day?
That's it! Olivia Ong! Awwww. :D

 Jessie, SuperBro and I had won 3 couple seating ticket for the concert via FaceBook.
That's really cool! :D

Olivia in the white dress during the night. She's awesome! <3

I was just too excited as this is the first time to attend a Live Concert in my life!
Olivia has an amazing voice! Just like an angel.
Well, there's a bit disappointed when she didn't sing my favorite song "Sometimes When We Touch".
I really wait for it! I really do! Pfft. Never mind. She's still the angel in my heart. <3

Ticket that we won! (:

YY's excited look! XD
Going to the concert~ Weee~

 Everyone get this as the connection with Olivia! <3

There's a heart-shaped balloon between every couple-seat. <3

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the "Partner of the Night" ! <3 Baby~

Aww :D I love this most! ^^

 Jay's partner of the night, WeiPing the cute one! (:

 Couple of the night! Jessie and SuperBro! <3 <3

 My lovely Jay. (:

Olivia's on the stage! <3 <3

And the end of the day, I got my 'Grab n Run' mission.
Tadaaa. I grabbed 4 balloons :D

Conclusion : Hypothesis is accepted. I had an amazing trip. <3

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