Footsteps From Bali [Step 3]

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[As my apologies for not updating for damn long time. =P]

Theme : HOTELS!

First of all, what's on your mind when you see this word. Hotel.
Bed? Damn cold air conditioner? Free shampoos?
Ahhhahaha. 5 days 4 nights. I slept in different hotels every single night.
Bhahaha :D just imagine that I was carrying those luggage here and there every morning with a tired look. =P
However, I stayed in 4 different style hotels.
Here we go!

First hotel.
We reached the hotel very late at night due to the delay of flight.
Everyone was exhausted that night.

 The swimming pool makes people feel like wanna swim in it immediately! :D

 View of pool from the lobby.

 Mummy and QianQian at the lobby.

 Mummy and Daddy at the lobby.

 Guess who's that sweetie! (:

 Decoration at lobby. Neat and nice!


Look at her and you'll know how she feels sitting on it. (:

It's an ordinary hotel for me. But it's just nice. Grand but simple but satisfying!

The second night, I stayed here.

Feel the nature! (:

The second-floor, I slept here with Mummy.

The first sight when I opened my eyes in the morning. #Whoa.

Again, the pool!

 Breakfast time!

It's a home-stay actually. It gives you a peace in your mind! (:
The very third night in Bali......

 YY at the lobby. [I love that decoration! (:]

 They, at the lobby.

 Tadaaa. Sweet right. XD

 In front of the villa. We called it, villa? XD

 The most unique place is this, the bathroom! Did you ever try to take bath in a bathroom without roof? -,-
 You should get an experience to peeeeeee OUTDOOR!

 It's a paddy field in front of the villa! (:

 Daddy and Mummy, at the windows. (:

And finally, I got into a pool at Bali on third day!

Very, very, very sweet villa with the theme of paddy field. (:
And the very last hotel I stayed......

 Okay, I was speechless when I enter this suite!

 The beds are calling me~ Wee~

 Outside view.

 BIG wardrobe. (:


And YY! (:

That's what we called it 5-stars hotel! (: Grand, comfy, and expensive. XD

In fact, I never experience a trip that change different hotels EVERY night. 
Well, I had fun of this at Bali.
Every hotel has its own theme, and that's what tourists expect from hotels.
Theme of hotel, comfortable furniture, satisfying breakfast, nice view, and lastly, smiles. (:

Pens off. Zzzzz.

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