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I think I have to shut the Bali trip posts down. It was kinda old stuff already.
A few decades ago already. Well, just a simple conclusion here:

That was my first time sitting on a plane, my first time traveling to Indon, it's great. (:

Okay, let's see what's new here.
After Jay's exam [I have no idea why she's calling it Part A. -,-] she got one week holiday staying at home with me.
Since I'm taking 'Foundation in Domestic Engineering' a.k.a Ekonomi Rumah Tangga, that means I got a 'lab helper' for one week! Thank you Big Man for giving such opportunity to take a rest! Ahha :D
But it's really a great opportunity for me to spend time with Jay.

Guess what? We are recording our acoustic cover! Hohoho. Sounds brave and over confident right?
Huh, actually, from the bottom of my heart, I know I love to sing and I CAN sing.
But, you know what, not everyone can sing WELL, Big Man.
They [SuperBro and Jay] keep saying that I can do well. Well, YY is not always the confident one.
If I'm confident enough I'll upload here for Miss Sensy. Haha.

Then, an idea popped out. It will be interesting if we do some collaborated-writing, or in short 'collab-writing', in which it's like what one-word essay we had for the 5th question in our SPM English paper. So it will be like 'Home', or 'Car' or anything else, in which we can write anything relevant to the title in our blogs. =) Sounds wide? That's the awesome part of it, as title is given out by turn between us, we won't know what's popping out in other's mind =)

#Okay, I admit, the paragraph above [paragraph below punn same ye.], I just copied and pasted here from Noisy-Dinny [Jay's blog as well].

Jay wrote this :
Hence we had agreed to some hmm we call it 'rules and regulation'?
1. It can be in any language, even if anyone wanna write in BM.. Go on je la, masaalah ape lak :P
2. Blog is still a blog. Collab writing is only part of it =)
3. No reading others' article can be done without yourself writing it first. Hmm too bad no one's watching, but i'm sure Big Man does! =) [YY: Ohh, I love this one. :D]
4. The articles should be in another label, not mixed up with other articles of the blog =)
5. Due date of the collab? Hmm till when we feel that the title had come to an end and EVERYTHING had been written (Oh well as if we know when it will come?)
6. Link to another blog should be included in each post =S (LOL i do not get the point! Ying's blog is PRIVATE what's the point) [YY: Okay okay, I'll changed it to public one day. -,-]

Cheers! Happy collab! =)

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