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Less than 24 hours to go to get to know what you got for the effort you put in within these years.
Nervous? Excited? Both?

Nervous to know the ending? [Okay, it's not the ending but a new start to your future]
Feeling exciting to meet you guys!!!
Miles apart for 3 or 4 months.
Finally, we'll be here again to gather up for our destiny!

Next, will be the teachers. No matter what result I'll get, greatly appreciate your advices and knowledge.
Oh, not only teachers in MJSC Serting. Teachers in SMK Datuk Mansor too. Highly appreciate here.

What's next?
Daddy, Mummy, SuperBro, and Jay, who always by my side to go through all those nightmares whenever I was feeling lonely and helpless. No matter what I got in the end, THANK YOU.

Wane, Myra and Eujee. Thanks for being with me in the same cube.
Sorry for everything and I miss the moment we skip classes and block-clearing together. :P
[Well, at least not every time we did the same thing.]

Okay. Classmates.
I had a great time you guys! From the bottom of my heart!
I would like to apologize here if I'd made mistakes when handling the class as the Vice President [the cute one. :P]
I love you guys. (: Lots of love for you!

Okay. No more other words. Just wait and see.
So I lift my hands and pray, hoping the success to be only ours, all the 94' babies.
Peace. (:

POYO. Hahaha. :D 
[In the car. On my way to Genting~ Weeee~]


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