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Oh well. The berry second collab-writing. (:
Holaa. Hee. Greetings to eberyone.

[Lol. Just read the 'v' as 'b' :P]

If. I mean if. Haha. If only. [Oh, I remembered the mathematical reasoning chapter. I hate the 'if and only if'. LOL] If you are my big fans, lol, I mean you are following up my blog all the time, you'll know how much siblings mean to me. (:
I wrote hardly about them these years. [Cehh. These years.]

But now. I'm here to announce.
Hahaha. Please, Jay, go and get your tissue and make it wet. Don't be sad. It's just the collab.
I wanna make things different.
You are still my beloved sista okay bebeh! <3 <3 <3

Ohh. You must be wondering.
'Huh? So what are you going to tell me in this post? Tajuk dye siblings kann?!'
*Smash the keyboard and whatever. lol*

So, I think I should avoid things happen when you are wondering. I should break the suspense. Haha.
Here we go. I would like to share with you my childhood stories. (:
Long long time ago. Mummy and Daddy are always out-station [for working i think. Not so sure. I was having small, fat, and short little thumb that time. :P]
And Jay and I always spend our time at Granny's house.
[Well, Granny's not here anymore. :'( *mourning*]
We had great time there. Agree, Jay? (: *winkwink*

Okay. Straight to the point! Ladies and Gentlemen. I give you Maxine and Baby!

From the bottom of my heart. They are half siblings of mine.

Maxine is older 5 months than me. Well. She's 19 now. Pretty huh? YES SHE IS!
She's the one who has the fairest skin that I have ever met!
Ouh. Korean girl look laaa. :D
We can chit-chat for long long time. NON-STOP! :P

Baby should used to call me sister. :P I'm older about 8 months than him okay. Haha.
But we are in the same age. That's the fact. Hahaha.
We used to call him Baby. Don't ask 'Why?' with the trolled face. IDK! :D


Let me recall back years and years ago...

Maxine --> M
YY --> YY laaa. What else? -,-
Jay --> J
Baby --> B

*Knock knock knock on the door.*
B: Please let me in. [pity voice. lol]
M: CANNOT! You can't read the paper on the door? Boys are not allowed!
YY: Yes! Especially you!
J: Weh you guys don't be too harsh. Just let him in. [Jay's always the angel~]

Still don't understand what's happening?
3 girls locked themselves in a room.
They wrote 'BOYS ARE NOT ALLOWED' with their funny handwriting on a rough paper.
And stick it on the door knob.
3 girls. 1 boy.
Who will be bullied? XD
We love him, okay.
Luckily Baby still act like a boy instead of sissy that grows up with girls who playing barbie doll.
[He played Barbie doll with us before!]
4 of us always do silly activities together. I miss those moments. <3 <3

Sneaking out from the back door by carrying our own slippers to the back door.
Walking like rats or thieves maybe, hahaha, just to sneak out to buy some ice cream in hot days.
Well. Granda won't let us go out from the house. :P He'll knock our little head. Ouch. It's pain.
[Okay. Granda went away earlier than Granny. :'( *mourning*]

Time flies. We are 20, 19 and 18 now.
I'm so glad that we are still 'siblings' till now.
Great appreciation here.
I love you guys!
I'm here to tell you.
No matter what happens in the future. You are still my siblings ever!
[Shhh. Don't tell Jay and SuperBro. Ahak. :D]
Peace. (:

 22nd December, 2009 night. We got our christmas presents after the Danceland event.
4 of us. [clockwise, startting at 12 o'clock] YY, Maxine, Baby and Jay. (:

 Unfortunately. I failed to find a photo of 4 of us. Haizzz. 
So this is the latest photo we took together in a cousin's wedding. [Focus on the arrows!]

Here's the link for Jay's blog. Check it out what Miss Noisy-Dinny says about 'Siblings' (:
[If there's no link yet, that means Jay's busying with her stuff. I'll update with you when she'd done for her collab. Stay tuned! Love you! <3]

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