GPS = Guna Pun Sesat?

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A very good morning to the honourable judges, teachers, and my fellow friends.
Today, I'm going to talk about, "GPS".

LOL. Today. I'm updating Sensy, because I wanna update it. XD

After finishing those nonsenseS above.
I'm going to update a short post here. :P
Everyone knows the GPS, I guess.
For those who really dunno, don't be hesitate to ask Mr. Google.
He's my friend, if he don't wanna give you any answers, just say out my name, he'll take care of you then. XD

Then, I was too curious to know that is the stupid apps(GPS) in my phone can really works well without costing me a cent this afternoon.
I heard people talking about GPS cost them a lot these years. LOL.
FOC just makes me feel a little bit unbelievable. :)
YH 'jio' (I dunno what language is that, means banana. LOL) me out today.
On the way back home. [She fetched me home!]
We had fun with the GPS.

Both of us suddenly became super excited. I dunno why.

When the GPS show us the correct way.

YY : Weh, you try to take the wrong route. See 'she' got change the route for us or not.
[Well, using 'she', is just because a woman is talking what, LOL]

YH : No problem.

YY : Weh. Got change route for us ler!
[Errr. Every GPS does that, don't they? LOL]

Then, we kept on taking the wrong routes. Hahaha :D
I have no idea where did the excitements come from.

I know this is lame to share here. But that was my first time, using GPS. Haha.

We thought about this just now,
"How if the 'she' inside the GPS scold us because we turned left when she said turn right?!"

 Hahahaha :D

Random~ Weee~ XD

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