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Hey, I just realized that we can just give out our responds to other blog posts, just like in YouTube, making respond videos. Hahha. Interesting.

I read this post this morning. LISTEN GOOD to this one.
By my sweet sweet friend, Ireeny.

My favourite sentence in this post.
People change, that's the truth, and the truth hurts. :')
IREENY, That's so true!!!

People might tell you,
"Hey, you seems changed a lot since you left the school huh?"
"Oh, dh ade member baru, sombong ek skang?"
"Dear, why are you so different now?"
"Oh, you got a girlfriend?! So, you forget your buddies ady?!"

Hey guys. They are just growing up!
For me. Change of inside or outside is a must.
You won't like to see an old man wearing an "Angry-Bird" T-shirt? That's funny. :D
Changes are for adapting ourselves in new environments, new life.
When we meet up new people in new places, their personalities might be different with your old friends.
So. Do you need to change?
YES. Different personalities prefer different personalities and get annoyed with different personalities.
I'm not asking you to act and not to be yourself.
It's all about adapting yourself.
They are growing up. We are growing up.

Ok. Talk about partners changing in a relationship.
Why changes are necessary?
A relationship is not about 1+1 equals to 2.
It's 0.5+0.5 equals to 1.
No one is perfect.
But we have to try to be the best for our partners, to be one!
Your girlfriend don't like when you are talking like fish?
CHANGE! Try to talk like a horse. -,-
Your boyfriend don't like you to wear singlets?
CHANGE! Try to wear sweaters from Universal Travellers.
We always want them to be happy with ourselves.
But. Here's a reminder.
Sometimes. Demanding is just sucks.
You will get your partner suffering in demands and orders.
This is so wrong. Bear in mind. Just try to accept the way they are.
You'll find love in hopeless places. *music on* LOL

And how about your friend's changes after he/she is in a relationship?
Hello dude. If it is you in such situation. How hard will you make it perfect with friends and partner?
You can't hold your friend's face, telling him/her
"Don't change don't change don't change!" *slapping left and right and left and right* LOL
People come and go.
As Ireeny said, you will never have a say in it until you have experienced it yourself and in the end...
And sometimes you just never realize about that.

Last words. Accept them just the way they are.
Friendship never dies. Love is a dessert for life.
YY speaks out here. :)

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