Best Independence Day Ever in YY's Life!

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Early in the morning, I had to wake up, no matter how tired I was,
I was on a date with my darlingsss. XD
As we took part in the "End Child Hunger" (A charity walk) event, we got 50% discount Sunway Lagoon tickets for full park!
The weird thing was, I didn't go with a big group.
At first we weren't that excited, I thought it would be a boring day for me.
Surprisingly! Went to Theme park with a few friends is totally awesome!
Daphne and Karine are more than enough!

 We are that awesome, no doubt. =D
Our first station was the Pirateship, Spinning Cup and Tomahawk!
Gosh. I'm here to confess that, I HATE THE CUPS!
After playing that shitty-cup, I can feel the spinning world.
Luckily I just drank some milk for breakfast that day.
Grr. Feel dizzy like hell for the next few hours. =(
Well, as you know, cute guys are my food and medicine!! XD
After stalking cute guys in Lagoon, I felt super energetic again.
Ughh. YY is just that weird!

We went to Lagoon from the opening hour till they closed down every game.
We were so lucky to be the last to experience Flying Fox (Karine said it was "FireFox").
And hey hey hey guys! I went to Scream park!
Rawrr~ I should never underestimate those fake ghosts and zombies. LOL
We were scared like hell!
I was like dragging Daphne in the haunted house.
It was about 15 to 20 minutes journey to go through the haunted house.
OMG. Those freaks were so awesome!
Their make up were so real!
Uggh, I ended up holding the bag of the guy in front of me throughout the journey. LOL.
If you give me a second chance to Lagoon, I guess I won't go to that hell for second time. -,-

OKAI. Nothing much to say. I LOVE THEM!
I got my best Independence Day ever! Happy Birthday Malaysia!!!


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