Mid Autumn Festival

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Well, well, I know I know, It's almost winter now.
Raining almost every day, lightning, strong wind.
That's fine. =) I just wanna compensate Sensy for being neglected for so long.
Wanna update every single story I'd missed out months ago.
[Hey, I jotted down in my sticky note what to share here you know. =')]

Mid Autumn festival, I bet you know what is it. 中秋节!
Naa, no more Chang Er's stories this year.
I was in Sunway on the very Mid Autumn Day.
After having my very dinner with Christopher,
[well, I don't wanna touch about the dinner part please. =/]
we gathered in Sunway Monash Residence (SMR) for candles!
One of the most unforgettable Mid Autumn night for me. =')
Thanks to you all peeps.
Karine, Lavinia, Daphne, KhangYee, ShiYing, Twinkle, Jeihiin, Ivan, Jeremy, Darren, Shaun, Logan, Dinesh, hmm, whoelse? =P

At last, we lighted up the empty carpark! Hahaha. Luckily no security guards chase us away as we played with candle almost 12am midnight?! XD
Nice memories though.
Although it's 2 months ago, it's still crystal clear in my mind.
Thanks for being my friends. =D
No more words. Pictasssss!!! XD

 Candles candles candles, light the night up, light my heart up. =')

 Part of my life.

Light. Hmm. Does that word lead you to another story deep down inside your heart.
I used to be in the dark at night, listen to my favourite quiet songs, writing down my feelings, and scrolling up and down, stalking those who I care, reading old conversations, recalling old stories from old pictures.
And, there's always a light from the window. No matter I'm at home or SMR, there's always a light ray. Not the moon, not the stars, but the lonely lamp post. =')
I have no idea why there's always a lamp post outside my window. HarHarHar.
Naaa, don't ask me am I alright. I'm totally fine here. =)

NYEH, more pictures! XD

 It's Mid Autumn Festival! We can't miss out the pamelo! XD

 This girl, she's the one I love for my every single heartbeat. I love you Baby! XD

And YY in black and white! =P

Who said pamelo is just a fruit! Haha, our adorable pamelo lantern of the night! =D
With my pretty housemate, Lavinia! <3

NYEH, don't say you can't see him! Jeihiin the Great! XD

So, it's the night I don't wanna forget. I wouldn't say it's too late for me to share this now.
Guess what?! Haha, CCS (Chinese Cultural Society) just received an invitation from UKM for their Mid Autumn Festival Night on 13th December. Haha. I was like "SAY WHHAAAATT?!"
It's almost winter already! XD
So... yea, I'm not late alright. [you just have to nod your head XD]

Last batch of LIGHTs! =D

All the photos credits to Karine Chaw.
And that's the end of the memorable night.
Say "Cheeezzzzzzeeeee" =D

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