Church Wedding

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Alright! Time to have some fantasy!
Mm hmmp, don't get me wrong!
I'm not in love, I'm not getting married, I'm not a Christian or whatsoever.
But I'm going to share with you guys about church wedding!

It's like so common in movies?
Naa, it's different when you, yourself, were in the ceremony!
So yea, last 2 months [again, -,- I'm late] I attended a wedding, in a church.
Well, you can say it's totally nothing special about it, but for me,
I'm a Buddhist, that's my very first time to attend a church wedding!

NYEH, I have to admit that I did daydreaming in the church, imagine that if I were the bride that day. XD
So, hmm, where to start? Let's start with pictures? =D

 Photos before we entered the church~

 And little gift for every guest.

 We sit according to this. XD

 YY and SuperBro! =D

 Rotate your eenie minie head counterclockwise to have a look. It's YY and Jay! XD

That's us!

Little violin performance "Canon in D"

 The Vow part! I'm lovin' it!

"With the power of His, I now announce that... husband and wife... Bleh bleh bleh. =P"

Well well, there is one told me that church weddings are boring with all the itinerary and ceremony.
Hmm, maybe he's right, but for me, that's totally beautiful. =)
Especially for the vow part. Vow is the promise between both the bride and groom.
It's the promise that made them keep holding on each other.
I hope I'll read out my own vow loud to my future husband *winkwink* instead of just blindly following what the priest read. Let him know how much I love him. TEEHEE.
Hmm, BTW, I'm not sure whether I'll have my wedding in a church...
Maybe at the beach, with seashells and buffet dinner at the jetty, every guests in white or purple,
with all purple balloons and ribbons, whoa whoa whoa. XD
HEY HEY, I think too far! Alright, come back come back. =P

And then, again, that was my first time attended a wedding dinner in such way!

 Cute and sweet little cottage decoration at the restaurant! =)

 Wedding dinner beside "a pile of water" [I have no idea it's a pool or river or what. XD]

 NO BEER! Just wine. =)

 That's the place. =)

 Mummy and Daddy. =)

Live performance for the whole wedding dinner! =D
The singers... not bad... *winkwink* XD

Had so much new experience within a day.
Guess I have enough pictures in my mind and plan how my wedding will be in the future.
NYEH, I better find my perfect prince before I plan anything. XD

So... This is the photo of the day!!! Jay made it as her profile picture for her FaceBook.
We got 100+ likes. Nyeh, I know it's not that much but, we are just lovely that way!
Check this out and say "PEACEEEEEEEE". =D


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