The Journey to the West - Part III

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Part III - The Falling Action and the Resolution

Well, let's proceed to the second day of the trip! =D
It'll be much more shorter than the first day, I suppose. Hahaha.
Everyone gathered at the living room at around 6.30am, as we planned to go to the beach early in the morning to let go our very last flying lantern there, and for the sunrise too [Well, no sunrise there =,=]!

 We will be THIS happy always, right? =')

After the breakfast session [I ate 3 boiled eggs. LOL], girls decided to have a pool time.
However, there's some conflicts with the worker at the pool, as they claimed that our[girls'] dress code is not allowed in the pool. At first Siew Xuen asked me to ignore them, but I just can't. I just wanna get out from the pool at the moment. LOL. Sad case. When everyone got out from the pool because of the dress code, even the boys sacrificed themselves, =/ the guilt around me was like OMG. 
They said, "Think of the positive side! Because of this then only we decided to walk to another beach instead of Teluk Kemang". Well, thanks guys, thinking in that way made me feel better, really. ='D

 OTW to Purnama Beach! =D SeongHan pattern banyak. LOL

 Another group photo that I love very much! =')

After the checking out session, the moment to say goodbye to PD was getting nearer, nearer, and nearer.
All the emotions of mine become unstable. LOL. Typical me. Standard laa. 
Saying goodbye to 8 of them is one of the hardest thing to do. ='(
Well, before the trip I asked Eugene whether we are going back straight away after we check out from the resort. And he said "YES". And I'm glad that he changed his decision after we had our very last lunch at PD. LOL. We went to the McD at the seaside to have RM1.05 Sundae Cone! XD We went there for the short-term happiness before we left the lovely small town. =')

 Okay, we both look weird here. LOL.

Our very last meal at PD. ='D [I was talking on the phone with Viven =P]

The place is called, the SeaFront, I guess.
I wanted to go there eagerly all these days. Everything happens with a reason.
There's a reason why I wanna go to the McD so much, of course. Hahha. =D
There's once a He in my life. He told me about this McD quite some time. 
He spent a lot of time there. Study. Emo. Hanging out alone.
He said he can find a piece of silence there because it's at the seaside.
Finally, I was there, without Him in my life. HAHAHA. Ridiculous huh? 
That's why. I wanna go there and I made it! =D

Ice-cream!! XD

And then, the end of the trip. =/

The trip might not be very well-planned, but I'd tried my best. =D
I hope they really enjoy the trip, instead of JUST SAYING for the sake of making me feel better. LOL
I don't really wanna plan things over-detailed actually, 
Really hope that we'll make it to the second trip! BigMan bless us please. =D

P/S: Dear Alvin, sorry for the FastFood Trip. LOL. Will try to arrange some slow food meals for the next trip. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA =D


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