The Journey to the West - Part II

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Part II - The Process

I'll try my best to make it short. I promise. =') *Prepare tissue for myself*

The day before the trip. I was nervous. Why? I wonder why. I just can't fall asleep.
We pushed the trip so hard to make it happen, just before the day, there comes the fear.
Fear of failure. Fear of disappointment.
What I can sum up all these fears is, insecurity.
[YY's greatest fear, feeling insecure =')]

When I reached the Seremban Terminal, I was getting nervous even more.
I stepped into Giant Supermarket, the first eye contact with Eugene, who is choosing the ingredients for the steamboat at night, made me believe that, all my worries is just unnecessary.
And then, SiewXuen, Sam, Gan, HongJie, SeongHan, and Alvin aahed and oohed here after my presence, all the insecure feelings just faded away. =')

So, here's the photos of us, buying steamboat ingredients for dinner, having lunch at McD, and way to PDTerminal after we met Daphne, who departed all the way from Johor! Thanks a lot Daphne. Appreciate. =)

 Figuring out what do kids nowadays learn. O,o


 The girls of the day! (Daphne was late)

 SeongHan, the "SISSY". LOL. Sorry for the joke. But you really bring a lot of laughter to me. =')

 Seriously, Alvin, I like this face of yours. LOL. Epic.

 I uploaded this photo, because... I have no idea. 
He kept on avoiding the camera, I couldn't find any picture of his at McD. LOL.

 And then, we reached the PD Terminal! There's an air-conditioned waiting area with WiFi there for passengers! How nice! =D Not bad, PD.

If your memory is good enough, you might remember I did mentioned about a girl, named Viven in my previous post. ---------> HERE
So yea, I took this opportunity to meet her after 6 years! Oh my...
She's very kind to offer us a drive from PD Terminal to our resort. =)
Thank you very much, Viven, you made our trip become easier and happier with your presence!
And I did invited her to have dinner with us as she brought a steamboat cooker from her home for us. LOL.

Glad to have you there, Viven. =') Thanks for spending time with us.

Before the dinner, we decided not to spend time in the resort. We went to the beach(Teluk Kemang)!!!
At first, I was kinda guilty to choose AnCasa when I first saw the beach with all the construction thingy.
I just couldn't explain why I kept on saying sorry to them. LOL.
And then, there comes the heavy rain.
Everyone was wet. We sat down to have a drink while waiting for the rain to stop.
But still, it's still a nice memory of ours to remember. =')

 Walking in the rain~

 Wet wet Daphne. XD

I like this photo! ='D

Next, it's time to go topless! LOL. For boys, I mean.
OMG. That's the moment I get jealous when 3 of the boys are skinny like lamp posts at the roadside. -,-

Was scolding Alvin for the reason why I can't have skinny body like his. LOL

After all the tiring activities, we finally had our steamboat dinner!

 We are INSANE! For the sake of getting more free chilli sauce, we ordered takeaways at McD but ended up eating there. Oh my... -,-

10 of us! We are always good in taking photos using the timer. =)

The post is not long enough yet? Haha. If you think I'm gonna stop here, then you're wrong. =')
I have much more to share with you here.

After we sent Viven down to her car, we played flying lanterns!
I know I know. It's not good right. Flying lanterns are banned in Malaysia, I guess.
But years to years, there are still some people [like us] LOL playing flying lanterns for special occasions.
Alright, I'm sorry, I'll try my best to make my post short! =P

 Everyone was writing down wishes and hope that the dreams come true one day! At least, we keep in faith. =) Thanks HongJie for lighting the lanterns up!

Well, it's a bit fake, but, I still love them. =')


Well, I would like to comment a bit for the last picture. Hahaha.
FYI, our unit is on the 3rd floor. For the sake of getting a nice picture in the lift, we kept on going up and down and up and down for all the trials. Hahaha. Sounds silly but had fun though. =D

And then, comes to the end of the tiring but enjoyable first day.
*tissue here and there*
Will you look forward the update for 2nd day? Will you? =')

P/S : Can really take more than a day to write out what we'd been through. =')

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