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I'm back, againnn. LOL
After I went through everything(A-levels, IELTS, LNAT, aunt's funeral; RIP), here I am, I'm home again! Ahak!
Again, am about to start that kinda life, you know, that kinda after-PMR-SPM-Alevel-life. Urgghhh.
Was busy busy busy with study, what-to-eat, and what movie to watch. HEEHEE.
Finally, back to Sensy again. =P
Always wanna write something about my A-levels life, what I'd gone through for 1 and a half year.
But no one can escape from laziness (again).
Will it be kind of pointless if I tell old stories here? Hmm.
Maybe it won't be a blogpost marathon - one event per post(s), but just a review for my beloved A-levels life. =)
Alright, you sit back and relax. And WAITTTTTT. Huahuahua.

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