Review for the lovely one and a half year ♥ Part A

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Hello Bello! =D As I mentioned in the previous post, I'm gonna write a review for the lovely one and a half year during my enrolment in Sunway University College, joining the Sunway KPM Bursary Recipient Group.
Here we go! =) Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you.... Highlights in A-levels!

I still remember, few days before I left Bahau to Sunway, we (Alice, YH and I) went back to our primary school and visited 'Chen Lao Shi' (Madam Tan in Chinese). For so many years, still, our favourite teacher ever. =) Retired soon (already?!) I guess.

Yea, THAT smile.

1. Bonding with housemates.
As usual, we always bond with the ones who are closer to us when we are in a new environment. Housemates. At least we depend on each other at the very first stage of adapting ourselves in the very new environment as most of us came to Sunway alone(without friends). Luckily, I have Twinkle and ShiYing who already enrolled in Sunway few months before me. It's good to have a campus tour with them before my enrollment. At least I know where's the lift, where's the toilets. LOL. Even though things don't really work out smoothly with them sometimes, but still, I appreciate the presence of everyone of you in A-Level. Cheers for our friendship. =) Cheers for our future.

Here, our very first housemate photo. =) Still standing far away huh?

KY on the act, in OUR kitchen! =D


2. TGIF (27th July 2012)
There comes my very first prom(in my life?!) - does it even consider as a prom? LOL Whatever. TGIF is its name. There, I realized that I don't really know how to smile. Yea, the previous duck-faced smile. Ugly right? Hahaha. And I realized that, I don't really can get 'high' with those 'pokchipokchi' musics. HAHA. [I'm kind of elegant you know.] Yea, I was just standing far away from them when others were dancing and jumping (literally) like crazy fella.That's it. =P

Yes, THAT duck-faced-smile. Dress from Bali, hair credits to Twinky =)

3. Walk for Charity - 'End Child Hunger Walkathon'
First thing come across to mind, 'Eh? Walk?' Since I just need to walk to do charity, instead of those for running, Okay laa, join laa. XD Yea, although it's just a simple walk around Sunway Lagoon, but I don't care, at least I had fun. Ahak!

You see that sweaty me?! XD

4. Best Independence Day Ever!
I blogged about this before. Check it out here!
Guess that I have to remember this for every Independence Day for the following years. =D
Thanks to them, and the unforgettable time we had. Cheers!

5. Le' Baju Kurung Day!
Familiar enough huh? All mine! XD For the sake of presentation on Malaysian Studies, I gave all out. No no, not the effort, but the baju kurung. Hehe. Kinda missing the days where I have to wear them for like everyday? =D

Not paying attention huh? When I think back, it really was a great time attending Malaysian Studies in the Auditorium with those friends from different group(subject combination) for the first sem. =)

It's the day! (except for Karine's dress)

The crazy fella. -,-

6. Housemate Outing
Since the class commencement day, we all seem to get closer to our classmates instead of housemates. The best example would be me. I always stick around with Karine and do crazy stuffs together those days. LOL. Not to forget housemates, we had an outing to Sushi Zanmai! =D Well, it's still consider a highlight tho.

7. A random but legendary highlight. LOL (8th September 2012)
There was a day, I forgot it's evening or night, I came back to SMR with Karine from some places, which I can't remember. We were chatting all the way like siao-zha-bor to our unit, even in the lift, non-stop. LOL My unit is before Karine's. So after saying bubye to her, I grabbed my key and wanted to open the door. And guess what? SHIT, my key can go through the key-hole but I can't turn it even for 5 degree. And then I heard Karine's laugh when I started laughing. HAHA. We are at the wrong floor mannn. What the hell. Haha. Karine, I don't know whether you still remember about this, but, yea, it's truly a legend mann. XD
[No photos laa opcoz]

8.  圆月缘又圆 Mooncake Festival Celebration 2012 (26th September 2012)
The very first event organized after I joined CCS. Although the event is kinda small, with a not-very-optimistic attendance, still, a highlight! XD CCS gave me alot of memories, I do believe it gave others the same too. Because of CCS, I get closer to SiewXuen, I know new people, Sam, Alvin, SeongHan, Hongjie, Gan, and of course, Mian. Thank you CCS =D

亮点自寻。 =P

And of course, I did celebrate Mooncake Festival with friends in SMR too. Picture!

9. TangYuan Sale!
From this event, I learned a lot. Learned how to organize a sale, and learned how to make filled-tangyuan! And of course, can't forget those nights, we tried and tried and tried to give the best taste to customers, especially Mian. I wasn't there for every Testing Days, but from there, I can see how dedicated he is towards an event. =) In the end, it was a successful sale! Everyone loves our TangYuan! =D

P/S: Ohh, not forget to mention, I know JunXiong (Ah Can, SiewXuen's boyfriend) from this event when he came to help us out. =D

Our booth at Energy Hub!

Daphne. Nyehehe.

 10. A field trip to Bank Negara
Naaa, my first time to hear the terms 'FieldTrip', haha. Had a great time at Bank Negara and kinda informative about cha-ching cha-ching XD *winkwink*

11. Port Dickson Trip with CCS!
Remember that trip? The one I used 3 blog post to talk about? Hahaha, so, not gonna talk much about that since it's HIGHLIGHTED. =P Check out for Part 2 and Part 3 too.

12. Hello Retainer, Bye-bye Braces! (12th December 2012)
After one and a half wearing braces, it's the day to take out everything! =D Yeay! Honestly, not used to it for the first few days, no matter talking, eating or smiling. Blogged about this before, check it out! =D

 *A long post indeed. Huahuahua. XD And err, I guess that's the end of highlights in 2012? =) Alright, I'll continue for the 2013's at the next post, stay tuned! =D

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