The last day for sweet-sweet-home...

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It's 010111!!!
Time flies, I'd become a 17-year-old-girl [not yet]...
And today will be my very last holiday at home...
After this, I would seldom to update my posts...
I'll miss you Sensy... :)

Alright, let's talk about the countdown?
No no, let's talk about after the countdown...
Ok, I reached home from somewhere [it isn't important at all]
and switched on the laptop, feel like wanna write some emo sentences on my Sensy...
SUDDENLY, I heard the 'demon' voice... became closer and closer...
And a 'tuck' sound followed... and everything was over...=,=
Mummy switched off the WIFI... ok... I can't do anything without that... =,=

Alright, alright, stop the murmuring YY...
Very first of all... I would like to wish my friend a Happy New Year and Happy Baby Day!

Ya... No doubt, her birthday is 0101!
Ok, I knew her since 2006 in a BM quiz competition...
She's a brilliant girl... even me, I got 55+ something in the competition but she got top 20!
[It's a National competition... We represent our state so we stay in the same hotel room...]
At first, we didn't communicate much and I started to talk with her when we were visiting around Johor... She's quite talkative actually... :)
After that competition... we contact each other with phone messaging...
Till now... we have facebook to link us together...
I'm glad we are still friends until now although we are getting more and more unfamiliar...
Happy Birthday V-ven! :)

*Happy Baby Day!*

This morning... [about 2/3 am] I acted like an idiot...
I don't know why... super damn emo and couldn't sleep...
I bought Hotlink SuperSaver for an hour but no one to call...
Damn idiot, right?
I called him, but he seemed exhausted... [Oldies always like this, he said...=,=]
So, he didn't accompany for the New Year XD
Therefore, I was on phone with my besties... :)
Hmm... It'd been long long time I couldn't chat with Jin such that way...
Before that I just feel like everyone had changed and hard to communicate with them...
Even I went out to hang out with them,
our conversation was just like rubbish... pointless...=,=
But this morning,
we talked about a lot of thingy...
I was sad... and I wondered why...
I seemed like not satisfied Year 2010 and felt like I had a lot of mistakes still haven't corrected back...

And we talked about the highway!
Weirdo huh? :)

YY : We are on a highway all the time actually...
JJ : What?
YY : When we found that we had follow the wrong track... we had to make a U-turn...
JJ : [started to understand what I meant] Why don't you make the U-turn now?
YY : We need time to find the junction for U-turn... =,=
JJ : Haiyo.. just cross the road and U-turn...!
YY : Damn dangerous, Jin... =,=
JJ : So... just take the time, keep travelling and keep finding the junction...
YY : Yea, that's why 'WE' need time...
JJ : I'll help you to find the function!
YY : Haha, how?
JJ : I'll help you to observe the signboards, so you can comcentrate on your driving :)
YY : Thanks Jin... [Eyes and nose are becoming wet... lol]
JJ : Happy New Year!
YY : Happy New Year! :)

[Conversation was edited.]

Love you, Jin

*She said she wanna be my 'jimui' on my wedding... :)*

Everything takes time... right?
Even the thing we wanna make a big correction on it.. takes time!
I'll make a wish list for Year 2011...
It's 2011, so... there's 11 wishes for me! [歪理 =,=] yeay~! :)

2011 WishList :

1. Have a neat and tidy room! lolz!
2. Family members always in the pink of health!
3. Friends will always got their own path!
4. Beat BIO down!
5. Have happy periods... =,=
6. Well done in SPM!
7. Daddy reduces his working time!
8. Mummy always have nice rest!
9. SuperBro always in sweet-sweet-love with Jessie!
10. Jay reach her goal for U!
11. SGG got married! [huh?=,=]

Correction : 11. I can correct all the mistakes done in 2010!

Ok, Happy New Year guys! :)
Have a nice day!

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