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Ell Ee Eyy Vee Ee, we pronounce it as 'live' or 'leaf', maybe. (:
People always leave. All the time. Need some proof? (:

A son leaves his parents to go to some big cities to find jobs.
An unfaithful man leaves his wife for another girl. [Euwww. -,-]
A mother leaves her children every day after sending them to kindergarden.
A patient leaves his/her doctor in the room to the counter.
A doctor leaves his clinic for his way to home.
A tourist leaves his/her country to see the world.
YY leaves her school after she graduates?

Everyday, everytime, everywhere, LEAVE happens, directly or indirectly.
We should had get rid of it. But why there's still tears streaming down the face when someone's leaving?

The son and the parents cry.
The poor wife cries.
The children cry. [For the first day of school, maybe.] And the mother cries inside her heart.
Errr, I have no idea with the patient and the doctor. Hahaha.
Well, skip the tourist. :D
YY cries. (':

Did you feel upset when someone walked away from your life?
Death of family members? Broke-up with your lover? Friends turned to foes?
I hate that feelings.

However, I know everything happens for its own reasons. Never forget the BigMan's Plans! :D

Why Big Man plans to let me feel sad every time watching SuperBro and Jay leaving for college?
- He wants me to know how important are the super-duper-damn-fucking-strong-sibling-bonds between us.

Why Big Man plans some Mr. Wrong to walk into my life and makes them to leave at last?
- He wants me to learn how to say goodbye and let go of the past. [Lyrics of 'Back to Life' huh? Haha.]

Why Big Man plans to let me leave my home when I was 16?
- He wants me to grow up and learn something or two.

Why Big Man plans to let me feel sad every time watching Mum and Dad leaving after we had our lunch together in the college? 
- He wants me to be thankful and know that Mum and Dad can sacrifice anything for me <3

Why Big Man took away some of my family members?
- He wants me to know that everyone has his own life time and wants me to be more appreciate my-noob-self. Even though I'm noob, life is still precious!

Why Big Man plans a fight between friends and I?
- He wants me to learn how to handle these social problems so I can do well in the future.

See, I told you, everything happens for its own reasons. (:
No one loves people to leave themselves alone!
No matter who's leaving for a while or even for ever. 
Think the positive sides! There must be some reasons! Just make yourself happy. (: 

Here's the link for Jay's blog. Check it out what Miss Noisy-Dinny says about 'Leave' (:


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