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If you are really my buddy, you won't feel weird whenever I' talking about BigMan.
Sometimes people asked me, 'YY, who's your boyfriend that you always mention in Facebook and blog?'
WHAT?! Wth. I never mention about boyfriend that doesn't exist in reality okay. -,-
So, they are referring to BigMan.
I'm here to announce to you guys. BigMan is not only my boyfriend! HE's my only lover in my life!
Haha. BigMan = God, my dear. Hope you all can clear your mind off from this moment on. (:
Thank you for your understanding.

You will never know what BigMan's planning for you all the time.
I woke up in the morning and had given a chance, or we just call it as a MISSION.
That's what I waiting for all these years!
When BigMan really let it to come in front of me, I feel shocked, and panicked.
I have to admit that I was really happy and excited aka on top of the world!
But it's not ala carte feelings. It got add-on some more.
I'm scared. I 'm afraid of this kind of fairy tales.

Let's make the story clear.
Let say, you are given an important job from your boss.
Okay, that means you are really an apple of your boss's eyes, and that's why you are the chosen one for the mission. Exciting, right? (:
If you complete the mission wonderfully, you'll get a promotion.
If you fail, you won't get fired, but, you may let people around you down.

That's what I feel. Sometimes just feel like wanna burst into tears.
I'm now full of hope. Hoping that BigMan will makes it real.

Mummy said, I'm proud of you and I know you can do it!
Daddy said, This is your opportunity!
Superbro said, 命里有时终须有,命里无时莫强求。(:
[If it's yours, it'll comes in the end; If it's not, don't dwell in it.] [Translation (:]
Jay said, Just do everything required perfectly, and try your best.
Meme said, You can do it bebeh! <3
Pikachu said, Please stop worrying. Free your mind, you gonna be okay. (:
Wane said, No worries. You are the chosen one!
YH said, What? You are worrying? You must be kidding me. Haha.
[Hey buddy, I'm not that tough. (: But thanks.]
Grace said, Good luck for you, and good luck for my SPM. (:
[Always pray for you for the best kay. (: No worries.]

1, 2, 3, 4, .....9. I told 9 of them about the mission.
[Jangan jealous. Hhaha :D]
Hope the fairy tale will really has a happy ending. Wish me dreams come true!
 I'd done everything I should do, so BigMan, no matter what plan You are giving me, I'll accept it positively and learn to be grateful. ♥ ♥ ♥ Peace. (:

Pray and Thanksgiving. (:

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