Sonia's Engaged!

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Do you know Jayesslee? The super duper twins?! Mixed Korean?! Still no idea?
Here you are! Jayesslee!

Jayesslee stands for J-S-Lee. J for Janice and S for Sonia, of course.
I'm one of their fans! Their singing is superb babe. I can't express my feelings how much I love them.
Subscribe their videos on youtube now! JayessleeTV and JayessleeCovers (:
They are awesome!!! [Okay, tanda seru main peranan. :D]
You must be thinking, what the hell are you suddenly to write a new post about them?
Yes. There's something going on!

Sonia's engaged!
She's engaged with the Man behind the videos, the records, the phone calls, everything.
They date for 5 years and now they are engaged, AND will be getting married on March. Yes. Next Month! How exciting. Hahaha. :D
I don't care if you feel like why-the-hell-is-she-telling-me-about-this-and-it's-none-of-my-business because I'M THEIR FANS AND I WANT TO SHARE THIS HAPPINESS WITH OTHER JAYESSLEE'S FANS! Haha. Capslocked suddenly.

Well, this is a link to the blog of photographer of theirs.
Check it out and have a look at Andy and Sonia's Engagement photos! (:

These are some of my favourite engagement photos of theirs. Well, others are still awesome! :D

And this will be my favourite.
You can see the happiness in her eyes. (:

Congratulations to Sonia. Let the fairy tale begin! Peace. <3

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