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Due to the collab-writing issue, Haha,
Jay said there's no point to add my blog's link as my blog is kept private.
So, it's time for making it public?

I remembered that the very first time I do blogging,
the only reason that I made it private is, I just wanna share all my feelings and updates to those really willing to hear about it. (:
Acceptable reasons? Hahaha.
I just feel quite awkward to share my feelings to everyone!
Accept my apologize please! [Melutut dhh ni. :D]

Sorry for those who don't even know the exist of Miss Sensy.
Oh ya. Miss Sensy is my bloggie's name. (:
How she got this name?
Click here then you'll know. (:
Haha. Malas derr na citer balik.
*Malas pemusnah generasi!

And you can visit 'About YY' page to know more about YY (:
Thanks. Follow me and drop me a visit whenever you feel free.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome Miss Sensy to be PUBLIC! XD

Random gif from YY. Ahak :D
Click on it if it didn't turn gif. Haha. Peace. (:

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