Leap Year >,< Leap Day

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Mr Google's outfit for the leap day [29th Feb]. (:

Okay. Everyone is talking about 29th of February on twitter, Facebook, even Youtube!
Some may share photos about 29/2 is a day for girls to confess their love?
Oh hell, that's nonsense. -,- Then which day is for guys? Every day except 29/2?
You are kidding me. This is so ridiculous.

Okay. Logically, why is it [leap year i mean, not the Girl's-Confess-Event] exists?
Referring to Mr Wiki. Leap year is a year containing one additional day in order of what-the-hell-Wiki's-talking-about. I'm sorry. Here's my apologize. I really can't get you Mr Wiki. Lol.
Oh well, I'm not going to focus on the reason it exists.
I'm just talking about its impact here!

For BigMan's sake, everyone wishes he/she can do something fabulous or amazing thingy to make his/her 29/2 memorable.
It happen once in 4 years, buddy! Grab your chance to confess your love to the one your loved!
Or break the head of the one you hate?!

At first, I really think of these things. Do something unforgettable on this very special day.
Declare with your loved one on 29th Feb?
You'll lost 3 anniversary presents and 3 romantic anniversary dinners in within 3 years!
Hahahaha. :D
Well, emphasize on the 'AT FIRST'. lol.

It's 8 pm now. I haven't take my bubble bath yet. I'd watched movies and 'Glee' for the whole day.
WHOLE DAY. After I woke up, I turned on the lappy. And what's next? MOVIES.
LIKE USUAL. [just use a damn fucking bored tone when you are reading words that CAPSLOCKED.]
I'm lifeless. [At least for now, i mean. It'll be different after the result announced huh? -,-]
29th of February, 2012, is just an ordinary Wednesday for me! lol.

Kinda lazy and lifeless leap year frog. -,-

And now, I'm rubbing out my 'Greatest Plans' AT FIRST and grab my towel to take a bath. lol.
Peace. -,-

Happy Leap Day, buddies. I love you all. Peace. [one more time.] (:

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