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QNA. Questions and Answers.

If there's a question, there's an answer.
What if the question doesn't have answers? Big Man told me, every questions can be answered.
It's life.
Yes, the answers are exist. But not every questions will be answered.
Let say, you are a fire-fighter. A Momma ask you how's her little daughter.
How do you wanna give her an answer if her little girl is gone, forever?

I love questions. But I don't like answers, in fact.
They make me sicked. 
Some questions SHOULD NOT be answered.
Some questions bring you back to the past.
Some questions just ruin your life.

"How are you doing, friend?"
"Hey, how's life in college?"
"Do you get bored there?"
"How's your studies?"
Since when, I feel so awkward when buddies asking me these.
Since I left them. In 2010.
Till now. Hanging out with them. We are asking questions. But feeling awkward to answer questions.
Everything's changed.
I feel the distance between us. Till now. No doubt.

"What's going on?"
What do you think about this question?
The person who is asking this is totally care about someone.
And then. There's no answers, at all.
That's what happening now. That's hurt.
Please do answer him/her when someone ask you this question.
Just a simply "I'm okay." will be just fine even though you are not okay at all or not feeling like wanna tell them anything.
But no ignoring! That's harsh. )':

What about those questions that bring you back to the past?
Sometimes, they are just terrifying.
People keep asking you the questions about incidents that you really don't wanna remember it.
Or you are asking the questions that open up your own scars.
Just take it as lessons and reminders for yourself, YY.
Everything's gonna be alright.
Big Man loves to care about His children.

I'm just a little bit tired for whole day facing the lappy, i guess.
Hmm, I wonder why am I so emotional today.
Get some rest if you are emotional reading this too.
I love you, DEAR YOU AND YOU and I really mean it.
Peace. :/

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