Mini Glutinous Rice Ball with Soy Milk!

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Alright! It'd been a long long time I didn't share recipes. Haha.
It's not always a good idea for me to share recipes here. I JUST SHARE MY FAVORITE FOOD!

Okay. This will be my second recipe here.
Last time I wrote about KIMCHI. [Click here to recall it.]
And this time, I would like to share with you all a home made dessert!

First of all, for all my Chinese buddies.
Ask yourself. Do you have rice ball [We called it 'tangyuan' in Mandarin] only ONCE a year?
You should eat more dear! (: It's nice!
You should trust me as I'm the person who hates rice ball before this, since I had a taste on this last week. (:

For my Muslim buddies. It's halal and safe! :D
Just try it out at home!
Well, FYI, it's a kind of traditional dessert of Chinese.
1 Malaysia bebeh. We should know the different cultures better.
I'm proud to be a Malaysian.

Okay. Stop the grumbling here.
Let's get started!
Oh. Can I write it in an experiment report? :P
Just to make a difference here. Haha. I miss lab reports.

PROBLEM STATEMENT : How can we prepare dessert in 10 minutes for the whole family?

AIM : To prepare a delicious dessert for the whole family in 10 minutes!

HYPOTHESIS : OMG! It's simple and delicious!

MANIPULATED - Using YY's recipe or your own recipe [yang entah pape] :P *just kidding!*
RESPONDING - Face expression of family members after eating the dessert / Time taken
CONSTANT - Use the same ingredient! :P

Mini Glutinous Rice Ball, soy milk, boiled water, cooking pot, stopwatch, Bunsen burner [LOL. The cooking gas I mean. -,-], ladle with holes, ladle without holes, bowls and spoons [for serving of course].

Sorry, you don't need any technique here. WARNING : This is a magic recipe. Even you are just capable for Maggee and Scrambled egg. It doesn't matter at all! It's simple and for everyone!

1. First, make sure you have all the ingredients. (: Let me remind you some of them.

 Okay. If you are a Muslim. Make sure the brand that you buy is halal. (: For safety. Oh oh oh. Make sure it's kept in freezer.

 It doesn't matter what kind of soy milk you are using. Marigold or Drinho, I don't care! It depends on you! :D

Oh well. These are the ladles I mentioned above. With holes. Without holes. XD

2. Boiled a pot of water. Remove Rice Balls from the freezer. DO NOT DEFROST! Boil the cute rice balls in the boiling water. (:

3. Push the rice balls with the back of a ladle. [Ta kesa laa mane mane. -,-] This is to prevent breakage and sticking.

4. When the rice balls float, they are ready to be served. :D Put it into bowls using the ladle without holes. [We don't need the boiling water anymore. (:] Put them aside.

5. Heat up the Soy Milk using a microwave. Okay. This step depends on yourself. If you are not interested in hot desserts, you may skip this step. [I'm the only one who skip this step in my family. Haahahaha. :D]

6. Pour the Soy Milk [heated or not] into the bowls with rice balls.

7. Have a bite!!!

OBSERVATION : Everyone is smiling at you! And look at the stopwatch! It's just 10-minute-process!

DISCUSSION : Anything to discuss with me, asking me questions or planning to argue, or even wanna have a fight with me on this. BRING IT ON BEBEH! Hahaha. Just leave a comment down there. (: I'll be pleased even you got a fighting invitation for me.

CONCLUSION : Hypothesis is accepted. Bhahahahahahaha :D

It's really save cost okay. You have to pay RM 4.50 for it in night markets for it!
So what are you waiting for? I'm not always sharing recipes here. So you should trust me. :P
Have a sweet bite. Hehehe.
I'd plan to make it for my Boyfriend-to-be in the future.
That's sweet. Auwww :D Peace.


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