Happy Baby Day - PART I

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You must be asking,
[Chill laaa. Budak HOT {Perghh, PANAS} mmg schedule full ye.]
So I'm here to update Miss Sensy for YOU, YOU and YOU!!!!! (:

Who didn't wish me or give me present for my Baby Day.
Hahaha. [Bajet je...]
Well, I don't think I should force you to wish me or giving me a gift.
Hurm, sing a song for me will be no harm I think. *TET* [Terasa tu angkat tangan.]
Hey, don't look at others. YES! I'm talking about YOU! YOU YOU YOU!. :P

On my baby day, I went on an outing with Baby~
Yes. The one I mentioned last time in my blog post. (:
Well, I just be allowed to go out by my own under one condition - stay with him [Baby].
So once again, WE WENT OUT! :D
How excited I was!

Check this out!

This is my City-Liner ticket! Check out the date! It's my Baby Day~ (:

And this is my Boss-Look at Mid Valley, waiting for my 'driver' to fetch me to the Baby Day celebration. XD

Alright, without any delaying, we just jump into the topic! The celebration! Weeeee~
At first, I would like to say, Hello, I'm not demanding the celebration and go to KL FOR the celebration okay. Haha.
It's just a coincidence that my 'special event' will be so close with my birthday. (:
After SuperBro [Yes, this is the driver I mentioned just now. Bhahahahaha :D] fetched me from Mid Valley. We were heading to Scott Garden! Fantastic place. New. Fresh. Cantik. Kemas. Nice. :P
The building is still new enough [some parts even still under construction, well, just the decoration part I think. (:] for the crowd. But it's awesome!
Check these photos we took. (:
There are Jay, SuperBro, Jessie and my beloved Baby. :P

Scott Garden at night. (:

Haaa. That's us in Scott Garden. Jangan jelezzzz. :P
And now, I really wanna shout : WE WENT SINGINGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!! :P
Hahaha. Well. YY loveeeeeeeeeeee to sing. 
Okay. Honestly. That was the first time I sing like I-don't-care-I'm-like-talking-more-than-singing in KBox. lol.
I swear. I was exhausted after the 3 hours. And that 12-minute-song. GO TO HELL! Damn tired weh!
Hahahaha. But I really enjoy it okay. (: Thanks to Jessie and SuperBro for the plan.


And this is the resit. I keep it! <3

The girls! XD We rock the world!

 Adoi. My face. [Hey. That's not alcohol on the desk!]

 Jessie and YY <3

 See the design! Unique! lol.
[Yes, I'm focusing on the design. Not YY and Baby. Hahaha.]

 SuperBro! <3

 Jay! <3

YY, after singing. :P

After the tiring session, it's time to make our stomach more comfortable. (:
We had our dinner at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng!

 Just acting like not looking at the camera. :P

 FYI, if you celebrate your birthday in Wong Kok on your big day, you'll get a free Asian Giant Size Hong Kong Ice Milk Tea! :D

Free Asian Giant Size Hong Kong Ice Milk Tea! <3 <3 <3

You can see the difference between Giant size and Dwarf size milk tea already. XD


 Forever Alone Party. Hahaha Actually is : OMG, I'm too full. lol

Love this picture the most! <3 <3 <3

I had a great birthday celebration there. 
I didn't expect these when I was heading to KL but then it's such a surprise for me from them.
18 years. The very first time celebrating birthday with siblings and going out with them and walking here and there.
I love you, guys! <3 Really sweet 18th for me. (: Appreciate!

Afterwards, due to there is no cakes at all on my birthday, I got a birthday cake surprise after I took my shower. (:

Chocolate Indulgence and Classic Cheese. (:

Last but not the least. I'm here to thanks those who give me presents [well, just a few of them actually], 200++ friends that gave me birthday wishes on facebook, and those who text or call me on my Baby Day. 
Appreciate. <3
I love you all. You are the one who color up my 18 years to make me happy, make me cry. (:

And on my first day of being 18, I would like to take a photo like a boss.  XD

LOL. Like a boss. Peace. (:


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