A day for SISTERS!!!

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Jay. Once again. This post is for you. <3
Why am I writing these?
Because I didn't get chances to see your backside when you left this afternoon.
*Sob sob sob. :')

Jay had her one-week-sem-break at home.
[Just 6 days actually.]
I wonder how can she keep on studying and doing assignment in sem-break(s). -,- LOL.
That's why.
I always tell her this sentence.

Well. She listened to me for a day. LOL
Yes. Just ONE day.
We went for movie!
Tu punn after settling down her scholarships thingy.
What movie? The insane one! Hunger games~

Jennifer Lawrence is AWESOME!
Nice lips tho. :P
Long long time didn't hang out with Jay like this already.
It's really a day for both of us.
Jay. Sometimes you just gonna have some rest.
Please don't keep on stressing yourself.
You are insane enough as a medical student and excellent enough among the 3 of us!
Always be SuperBro AND my idol okay.
Activities are good.
But sometimes when we try to join everything, [I mean seriously EVERYTHING]
We are going to mess up ourselves.
Your current condition is good. No worries. Just a small reminder for you. <3
Going to end up first year already. (:
Keep putting more and more efforts kay.
[Well. Current condition is good enough to prepare for your studies already. Jangan over study lak. -,-]
Okay. No more words. Best of luck. (:
Here's some photos. Hee. Never miss them out. :D

 Favourite menu in MB. (:

 She's cute. (:

She said I was like teddy bear?! Derrr. -,-
[Scholarship stuffs in front of me. Messy huh?!]

ANDDDDDDDDD These. (: OTW to Hunger Games. Weeeee~
[Jay keeps ignoring me. -,-]

Random take. Peace YAWW. XD

Add-on for you Jay. Sorry for my low quality phone camera. But we both will like this. (:

I love you Jay. (: <3

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